My breast cancer came back...

Hello my name is Sarah and I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer in 2018. I completed my 20 week chemo and had my mastectomy. This treatment worked no disease was found after surgery. But January 2019 I found another mast on my steuim and it came back as breast cancer. One year after my final chemo. Now want it is hard to think I have to go thru this again. But I am faithful I will prevail in this fight for life. Any thoughts?


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    Hi Sarah, 

    I am so sorry to hear that the cancer has returned, so soon after you completed treatment and surgery.
    I am surprised you didn't have radiotherapy after surgery though.

    That must be so very hard to think about and come to terms with. Do you have family and other support to help you through this?
    What is the plan going forward with treatment etc?

    You will have a lot of support here as you enter yet another battle, don't give up, even though days may be hard, those days will pass. I am so glad to hear you have a strong fighting spirit within you. I am sure it will make a difference to you. I hope you will find this group a place where you can come and chat, talk about anything really, doesn't have to be about cancer. 
    Having somewhere to come, where you know you will be understood will be a comfort and help I hope.

    Please stay in touch and let me know how you are getting on, I am around everyday, I am also @LouiseJ .There are others also who are here often. If we can help and support you in any way, just shout. 

    Lou x

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    Thank you for checking on me I just got done with my PET scan. It came back clean I go before the Tumor Board on Thursday. They will make recommendations as to my treatment. I will keep you updated.
    Sarah L. Harry
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