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Makeup tips during chemo

Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 365 Community Admin
Hi there everyone! We get lots of people asking us for makeup tips to help them feel a bit more confident during treatment - especially if you've lost your brows and lashes. So I thought we could start a thread of useful makeup tips here!

Do you have any skin products or makeup you'd recommend for sensitive skin during treatment?
How did you cope with losing lashes/brows? 


  • I'll start! :)

    We made some video tutorials a while ago with a pro makeup artist and the lovely Michaela who went through chemo and surgery for breast cancer.

    You can watch them here:

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,301 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I use Clinique usually, so when I was having treatment, one day I visited the ladies that work in the shop I go to. They were really helpful and kind. 
    I don't usually wear a lot of make up, just some blusher, mascara and lippy mostly.
     Obviously during chemo, no eye lashes or eye brows, I didn't really use make up then. But one of the make up consultants did give me a make over one day, just for fun, and really looked after me. It was really lovely to have the care and attention to find things that suited me, that I liked for when treatment was over. 
    When my eye brows started to make an appearance, they were reluctant to return with a flourish! :# 
    I got one of the Brow Palettes to use to enhance the look of my eye brows.
    I also use a Clinique tinted moisturizer with a SPF, more in the summer time for every day use. It helps to reduce the pale look. 
    If I am going to be exposed to the sun directly, I use sun cream with a high SPF.
    These days deliberately putting myself in the sun is to be avoided. I have found that since having chemo and radiotherapy my skin reacts a lot quicker to the sun than before. 

    As for general skin moisturizer, during radiotherapy, I used Clinique Deep Comfort body lotion, which I found really effective.

    I probably ought to apply make up more often than I do, I put some on the other day, and it looked quite ok! haha :p 

    Lou x
  • MelanieMelanie Posts: 13
    I love make up! I had to switch up my skin care and I’m using dermalogica to calm my skin as it was getting reactive and zits were coming out. I also used Mario Badescu silver powder mask for the acne. I use a tarte foundation and concealer , blush and a bit of powder to finish. Still have brows so I just darken them a bit . Lipstick always!! Hoop earrings instead of my small ones make me feel better with a boho bandana. If you want to have fun get to a MAC counter and take pics before and after 
  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 686 mod

    Hi Melanie, 

    Hearing you talk about earrings made me smile. I hadn't worn any earrings since before I was diagnosed, and it was only Christmas Day, I decided to put some on! Haha, lots of fun and games, ouch!ouch! My daughter had to virtually re-pierce my ears as the holes had all but closed up. Now I am wearing them every day. It's more fun now, especially as I have very short hair. It used to annoy me when my 'old' long hair would get in the way. Don't have that problem anymore!  :#

    Lou x
  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,194 mod
    Hi @Melanie

    I have had psoriasis for years, and last year my dermatologist suggested that I use Dermol 500 as a soap substitute and apply Cetraben to my skin daily. Since I started that regime my psoriasis has gone into complete remission, I have no itching or discomfort and my skin is the best I can remember. The Dermol 500 does not lather, but I don't find that a problem.
    It may be just a coincidence, of course. 

    Hi @Lou

    Your ear piercing reminds me of an ad in a  local establishment which said. 'Ears pierced while you wait'. Ha ha. 

    Rob x 

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 686 mod
    Hi @RobertA

    Hi Rob, haha, yes, to be honest I think that is how I had mine done back in the old, old days!
    When my daughters had theirs done we made an appointment, I think it is much more civilised these days.
    Good job as the eldest passed out as soon as we left the shop. Not embarrassing for her, or upsetting for us at all!!  :s 

    Lou x
  • JR124JR124 Posts: 37 ✭✭
    I'm only 2 chemo in and using the cold cap so although my hair is breaking off a bit now Its hanging on! I boost myself with make up! Max factor doesn't interact with my skin do i use that and  lots of no 7 moisturiser and bold blue eyeliner and red lips! People say "Oh you look well" which I nice to hear. If only they knew eh? 😉
  • SmallpSmallp Posts: 10
    Hi all...
    You probably are aware (or not) that   Macmillan offer a "look good feel good " beauty session which looks at the whole skin care, beauty and make up for those who have cancer..  it was a lovely session and we came away with a very gwbwrous bag of goodies too.. speak to your l9cal.Macmillan team or if not I think you may be able to contact the "Look good feel go9d team dirwctky" via the internet... I would definitely rec9mmwned it!!!

    I have also recently started to use a"sveena" cream for my body r3c9mmenddd by the hospice therapist..  and it has really helped with my itching...

    I did want to ask tho if any of you have suffered fr9m the little wh8te spots on your face at all? I star5wd with 1 but  ow have quite a few.. hate them!!! 
    I've had 6 cycles radio/chemo and a further 6 cycles of chemo do now think it's just taken hold...

    Any s7ggrstions gratefully received.. 

    Sorry, should have said 8m 47 and have a stage 4 brain tumour xx
  • PearlonePearlone Posts: 3
    I don't wear make up, well very rarely, and my consultant still says I look well 5 months after Stem cell treatment.
    However I've never had real eyebrows, pale and insignificant anyway. Any suggestions? Now I'm quite grey too it's a hopeless task, I feel. 
  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,194 mod
    Hi everyone

    I have been invited to a 'Look Good, Feel Good' for men at MacMillan on 20th February. I am looking forward to that and will let you know all about it afterwards. 💄Ha ha. 

    Rob x 
  • MinksyMinksy Posts: 11

    I was reccomended by a doctor to use aveno moisturiser, i found it great and am still using it 6 months after chemo.

    I use it every morning for face and body.

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