Has anyone had radiation therapy to their brain/scalp?

The long explanation is I had radiation therapy to my scalp/brain from late 2016 to early-mid 2017. After sometime I assumed that the part of my scalp that was treated would eventually begin growing back. This unfortunately was not the scenario. That part of my scalp grows in very, very thin to the point of looking unhealthy and in a certain area barely growing in at all and in my opinion looks unappealing, people stare or avoid eye contact in general. This has definitely knocked my confidence and swagger down a few notches. I've done research and believe the radiation treatment has possibly caused permanent damage to my scalp. I think for a man to once having long hair and growing it out while he could and then losing basically the entire right side of his is head is comparable to a lion losing half his mane, one side grows in full while the other partially grows. it's uneven and well weird. Has anyone here had radiation therapy to their brain and found a product that helped nourish their scalp to some kind of stability?

I just got a haircut yesterday and already the left is filling in while the right is bald. overtime it fills in with the little hair follicles which is the only thing that gives me hope and keeps me looking for a product that might be beneficial.


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    Hi @Tucci ;

    I was reading your post and thinking how it hadn't occurred to me that men may feel a sense of loss over losing hair, or having difficulties with it growing back again. I am sorry for my lack of thought (not that you knew!).
    I am sorry that it has resulted in a loss of self-confidence for you. 
    I was talking to my hairdresser the other day about products that may help with thinning hair, or hair that won't grow.

    I keep my hair very short now since losing it to chemo, once it began to grow, I just kept it that way. It is funny because I now don't miss my old hair.
    But my hair is still very patchy, and thin in places, and I hadn't thought of using a product until my hairdresser suggested it. 

    He had heard that Regaine works as long as it is used on a continual basis. I have heard good reviews about Nioxin as well, but haven't tried either of these for myself. My sticking point is they are quite pricey, but I guess you have to weigh up which is more important to you. 

    I hope that otherwise you are continuing to recover and regain good health after all your treatment.

    Welcome to the group, there are a few other men here who also chat regularly, @RobertA , @Roy .
    It is a friendly community, where we help and support one another. We don't always talk about cancer either, we talk about anything really. I hope you find it helpful too.

    Lou x

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    Hi @Tucci ;

    Firstly, I do hope that the radiotherapy was successful and that you have made a good recovery. 

    My father was bald from a very young age and I always worried that I would lose my hair. I did not, but I often wonder how I would have felt if I had. I was a sixties teenager with very long hair indeed so I can see how disappointed you must be. 

    I have a good friend who started to lose his hair in his twenties. He was not happy with his look and decided to shave his head completely. At that time, people like Yul Brynner  and Telly Savalas were popular and his decision was well received.  Now in his sixties, he still looks exactly the same as he did then. No grey or white hair (like mine) and he doesn't have to buy shampoo, dry his hair or use hairspray. 
    Could you consider that option? It would certainly be easier to apply any products you decide to use and friends and family would soon get used to the new you and people you don't know would have nothing to stare at. You could always try growing it again later on. 

    Lou is so right, this is a friendly community and we are here to help and support each other and we also like to have a laugh along the way.  Good to hear from you, it would be great to get a few more men involved in the group.


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    Hey Rob, have you got any pics of you as a long-haired teenager? They would be good to see! 

    Lou x
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    Hi Lou 
    Well, I may have a couple somewhere. I look like a total idiot, but at the time I thought I was cool. 
    Will see if I can dig one out.

    Rob X 
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