Breast cancer

Hi my name is Pauline I found a lump on my right breast on 12 November went 2 doctors on 15 November. Was sent for mammogram, biopsy. And scan on 29 November was then told on 7 of December it was cancer. I had op on 12 December 2 remove cancer and 4 lymph nodes. Was told on 18 December it hadn’t spread to any tissue only tiny bit in 1 lymph node. It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to take it in. I knew doctor was talking to me but it was so surreal no it’s not me I have never been so frightened in all my life . Iv had one out of six chemotherapy. 


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    Hi Sunny,you almost could be writing my story!
    i was diagnosed with right breast cancer on 15th Nov '18+ HER2 positive.
    Had 3 MRIs done on breast,1 area a positive cancer then 2 areas suspect.
    Have been advised to have a mastectomy,but they haven't proved the 2 suspect areas are actual cancer and was hoping for a lumpectomy.
    Everyone I've spoken to especially family and close friends have said to go for the mastectomy,but although I know it's the right thing to do,it's still so hard to come to terms with.
    I had my first of 6 sessions of chemo on Friday,at session 4 Herceptin will also be added to the chemo to fight the HER2.
    like you this has all happened so fast,my head hurts with it all.
    At first when I was told and was talking to people about it,I also felt as if I was having a conversation about somebody else.
    I wish I'd been able to have my surgery first like you ,to get it out of the way!
    I've got 6 sessions of chemo,then a 4 week rest,then surgery and have to go and have a Herceptin injection in the leg every 3 weeks for a year ,18 in total,a heart scan every 3 months as Herceptin can affect your heart......what an adventure to look forward to haha.
    Please keep in touch as I would like to know how you are getting on with your chemo,I haven't found the 1st one to bad,but have been told around 2 or 3 I will start feeling a bit worse.
    I must admit the anti sickness drugs have been brilliant,I've felt sick but haven't been.....yet!
    I am writing this at 4.30am,so sleeping is a problem!!
    Good luck with your treatment Pauline,I hope you get along ok on your treatment,let me know,I will be thinking of you.
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    @Sunny139 ;

    Hi Pauline, 

    You are very welcome here, you will find many who share similar stories to yourself, as @PositiveLady10 , Barbara has already said.

    It is great that things moved very quickly for you, without much delay in treatment. It does mean you haven't really had a chance to catch your breath, it's like a whirlwind isn't it!
     Did you have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy? 
    I hope you were able to get some recovery from that before starting chemo.

    I had breast cancer too, but I began chemo first, then a mastectomy, followed by radiotherapy. I didn't have a chance to turn around after being diagnosed. Even before I had been told, the dr's etc had already mapped out the sequence of events as long as I was willing.

    I was in chemo immediately, even while they were still trying to pin point where it was, although they knew it was in the breast, but couldn't find it to start with. It was found in my lymph nodes, so they knew it was there, just had to locate it. And then ensure it hadn't spread anywhere else. 

    I am so pleased for you that they caught it before it had a chance to get any further, I hope your chemo journey goes well for you. It is tough, but it is do-able, hang in there.
    I think being diagnosed with cancer is the scariest thing to go through. It is very frightening, and we get faced with so many horror stories, and we have to fight our fears. All I can say is, don't give up, you will have dark days probably, but underneath it all, keep hold of hope. The dark days will pass.

    Please feel free to ask any questions, if you have them. I was on FEC-T chemo. I finished my cancer treatment end of May 2016, I had follow up surgery 18 months later, as part of recovery from mastectomy.  I was on Tamoxifen, but am now on Letrozole medication. It has been a very long road to recover, I found I suffered more side-effects after treatment had finished than during it. I still have on-going issues with bones, joint pain, mobility etc, BUT, I don't have cancer anymore. I am alive, and very thankful for it.

    @PositiveLady10 , Barbara, so glad the anti-sickness drugs are working, they did for me too. 
    For both of you ladies, just know I will be thinking of you, and am here for you whenever.

    Lou x
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    Lou, not such a good day today!
    Constipated for 24hrs but don’t want to take senecot as my ulcerative colitis has just settled.
    Feel a little bit spaced today head woozy, can only get better.... can’t it?
    Thought yesterday was too good to be true, 1st day after 1st chemo session.
    Going to put a film on and chill now, speak soon, look after yourself x
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    @PositiveLady10 ;

    Hi Barbara, 

    Sorry to hear the constipation has hit you already, It's like being between a rock and a hard place. Take the meds to get through it, but suffer constipation and even diahorrea, or risk the sickness. I know I chose the meds each time as the fear of being sick was worse. 
    But I do understand how you are feeling. 
    Taking it easy is the best thing to do when you feel like this. I hope it passes soon. Sips of water, every now and then.

    Speak soon, 

    Lou x
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    @PositiveLady10 ;
    Hi Barbara, 

    I was thinking about you, wondering how you are feeling and getting on. Are you entering your second week after chemo? I hope things are settling down this week, and you are managing ok. 

    Sending a gentle hug, 

    Lou x
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    @Sunny139 ;

    Hi Pauline, 

    You were also on my mind, how are you doing? Have you had another round of chemo? I hope you are managing ok with the whole process, and not suffering much with side-effects.

    Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.

    Lou x
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    Hi Lou,
    yes into second week after 1st Chemo,I've been experiencing really bad stomache cramps which woke me up at 4am yesterday morning,and I've got them bad today!!
    I am going to the toilet but reading online it states that this is a common chemo problem.
    I am seeing my Oncologist on Weds prior to round 2 on Friday,I will tell her about it .
    My friend took me to purchase a wig last week,we really had a laugh with me trying them on,I looked like Ken Dodd in one 😂 I still have my hair at the moment,but I'm ready for the fall out.
    Ive bought hats,scarfs you name it,I'm getting prepared?
    How are you Lou,hope all is good with you.
    You are such a support on this site as you've been there and done it,thank you,
    Barbara x

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    @PositiveLady10 ;

    Hi Barbara, 

    Oh no, that is so uncomfortable, I do understand. Definitely happened to me with chemo too. I would go from being very constipated and having horrendous cramps to then getting diarrhoea! I was given these orange sachets to mix with water (can't remember the name, ), not sure they really worked.

    In one desperate episode I resorted to eating a tin of prunes, that made my stomach hurt even more, but eventually did the trick for a few days anyway.

    Yes, definitely mention it to your oncologist, she will be able to advise you and perhaps prescribe something to help.

    You made me laugh with your story about shopping for a wig. It's good fun to laugh like that. I was the same shopping for hats and scarves with my friend. 
    We went to M&S, and my friend had a word with the one of the ladies there who let us use the disabled changing room to try them on. At the time my hair had started falling out, and it was hurting, but every time I put a hat on, when I removed it, piles of hair were stuck inside. I can't remember laughing so much at the time, I cried laughing. And yes, we took photos too. I left with my pockets stuffed full of hair! 
    If I can find a photo I will show you.

    I am really well thank you, glad that January is gone, and February half way almost, I am not a winter person, and really struggle with the lack of light and general warmth at this time of year. 
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it means a lot. 
    I feel privileged to be able to share my story, in the hope it will encourage others going through this. 

    I hope you feel better soon, chat soon.

    Lou x

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    @PositiveLady10 ;

    Hi Barbara, 

    A couple of pics from hat-trying days!

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    Absolutely Fabulous Lou x
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    @Sunny139 @PositiveLady10 @Sunshinedaff

    Well, I am not  qualified to discuss your particular situations, but  I have undergone difficult and unwelcome treatments and side effects and I love your positive outlooks and sense of humour. 
    It is good to be part of such a lovely group. Thank you. 

    Rob x 
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    Hi after having second chemo I was wiped out for at least 10 days feeling tired and queasy. feeling much better now. go for third round next Thursday cant believe il b half way through chemo.I to have had laughs trying hats n scarfs on. iv lost most of my hair now and got a lovely wig which im waiting to wear as im waiting for hair dresser to cut fringe. I also have chuckle every time I take cap off n see how thin n wispy my hair is. hope ur all keeping well. Pauline x

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    Hey Pauline!

    It's lovely to hear from you!

    I hope during that 10 days you were able to rest without having to do anything. I am glad to hear you are on the up again, getting ready for next week. Yes, halfway already! Once you are in it, it is surprising how quickly it goes, even though some of those days and nights feel like they will never end!

    That is fun to hear you have been able to laugh in the face of adversity, it is temporary, it will pass. I hope your head is not too painful and you can bear it.

    It would be lovely to see you a pic of you with your lovely new wig sometime.

    Speak soon,

    Lou x

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    hi lou my head isn't as painful or tender now. yes il put photo on as soon as it gets cut xx its laugh or cry n hopefully im done with crying xx

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