Hi all. Here is my potted history. Diagnosed with bladder cancer in April of last year. Was told it was the cancer of choice due to good treatments and results. Not for me though. My cancer was very aggressive. Just before Christmas I was told it was terminal. The results of my PET scan last week show it has spread to my hips and one of my lungs . I have an appointment with the oncologist to discuss what treatment is open to me. I am managing the pain at the moment with 2 Tramadol in the morning and 2 at night so it's not too bad at the moment. Rather than wait for the inevitable, i would like to be of some use and help out on trials or something. Anyone know how i would go about this?


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 574 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @trevibabe ;
    I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. 
    Assuming that you are in the UK, a friend of mine with terminal cancer was accepted for a trial which he found on the website. Worth a look perhaps! 
    I am pleased that you found us as this is a friendly and supportive group of people and you are very welcome. 


  • TrevibabeTrevibabe Posts: 2
    Hi Rob. I am in the UK. Thank you for the advice, I'll have a look and also discuss it with my oncologist. All the best to you.
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