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Hi everyone 
I have had a lumpectomy and 3 lymph nodes removed and radiotherapy. I was on HRT for about 20 years but once diagnosed I had to come off it . I’m on calcium tablets, Anastrozole, and citalopram . My hot flushes are horrendous. I’m having lots and sometimes wet through which makes me feel awful. I am drinking lots of water’ changed to decaf tea and coffee and no dine for about a week to see if that makes a difference, I’m very tired as well and find it hard to sleep and wake up about 4 times a night, Help please 


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    Hi @Rmm ;

    Hello to you and welcome.

    It sounds like you are having a tough time with the hot flushes, they are awful. I do empathise with you.
    When I started to have them because of meds after my treatment it was just awful. Mostly my head which was weird, I felt like I was on fire. I used to wrap a cloth up with an ice pack to keep by my bed as well as pouring cold water over myself in the night, ok in the summer time perhaps, not great in winter. Haha. 

    I don't know if changing the time of when you take your meds will help? Have you tried to discuss this with your dr?

    The thing that did it for me, was to get a cool gel pad that I put in the fridge during the day, then put it in my pillow at night. The change that did was instantaneous...seriously. I still had the flushes but because I was lying on a cold pillow, they dissipated very quickly. I found sleeping was a lot better.  I used mine constantly, every night, take it everywhere with me if I am going away.
     I saw the other day that there are also larger cool gel pads that go under the sheet too to lie on, to keep the whole body cool. I know they are available on this site, but also elsewhere I expect. So if your hot flushes affect your body they may be worth trying. 
    My hot flushes have calmed down a lot now, still get them sometimes, but not as frequently.

    I hope things improve for you soon, not being able to sleep is not good. If you try the pads I hope they work for you as much as they did for me.

    Keep in touch, 

    Lou x
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    Thank you for your reply. I will try the cool gel pillow. I’m so glad I got in touch with you all. It reassures me that I’m not alone. Thank you again and take care. Sending 🤗 hugs xxxx
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    I used a cool pillow when I was going through the menopause but also a neckachief I found on an Australian site, it's been a while but I think you had to soak the crystal part and place it on the nape of your neck, that was very effective and you could use it during the day and no one could tell. Sorry I can't be more specific. X
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    @Vron ;

    That sounds interesting, I hadn't heard of that, I looked it up, it's a cooling neck wrap. That sounds very useful, especially for during the daytime too. I may have to get one for when the summer arrives, otherwise I am usually walking around with an ice pack thing, again from Australia, that I fill with water and either freeze or refrigerate.
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Lou x
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    Hi @rmm @vron and Lou

    Thank you for your great ideas.  I am on androgen deprivation therapy which involved removing all of the testosterone from my body. A major side effect of this is hot flushes, unusual for a man, but at least I now know what it feels like. 

    Last summer, My wife and I visited our oldest friends in Yorkshire and they put on a fantastic barbecue in their garden in our honour.  Well, it was absolutely boiling but they did not know of my treatment side effect and sat me in the heat of the Sun.  Within minutes I was sweating profusely, but I tried to tough it out. It was no good though, my face went bright red and I started sweating all over. My hair and clothes were wringing and I had to go for a cold shower. and a few frosty lagers (the good bit). 
    Will try your ideas, they sound really useful. 

    Rob x 
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    @RobertA ;

    Hi Rob, 

    I feel for you! And to suffer that in last summer's heatwave! Thank goodness for ice cold beers and cold showers. Although, did you know, and I only found this out last year, that if you are trying to cool down it is better to have a lukewarm shower? This is because if you have a cold one, afterwards the body will try to re-adjust its temperature and that is why you can often start to sweat and over-heat again even though just out of the shower. 

    The cool gel-pad really works, I was amazed at it's effectiveness. 

    Lou x
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