First round of chemo

hello everyone! I finished my first round of chemo yesterday. It was not bad at all. The nurses were amazing and explained everything to me. They made sure I was relaxed and let me ask all the questions. I’m on a very healthy nutritional program from a Dr who specialises in that field. I’m feeling optimistic and the fear I had ( terror actually , if I’m being honest ) is dissipated somewhat . Next treatment in three weeks. Fingers crossed and prayers said


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    @Melanie ;

    Hi Melanie, 

    Great to hear from you. So very glad you had a positive experience yesterday for your first round of chemo. Now, just take things one day at a time, if it gets tricky, an hour at a time. What chemo regime are you on? Mine was FEC-T for breast cancer, I found the first 7-9 days the hardest, gritted my teeth through 9-14, then look forward to 15-21 when I would start to come up again ready for the next round. Brilliant you have a great nutritional program to follow, if you find it becomes difficult to face food etc, try and keep sipping fluids regularly. Will be praying for you too.

    Lou x
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