Hi Thank you for adding me. I am undergoing chemo for ovary and fallopian tube cancer. This is my second primary cancer the first being a breast 29 years ago. Day 2 following 1st chemo bit tired and ache all over. Feeling positive but obviously scared. Nice to hear positive inspiration from your members.


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    @JR124 ;

    Hi June, 

    Welcome to the group, I hope you find some hope, inspiration and support here. Everyone is very friendly, its lovely getting to know others.

    It must have been a huge shock to find a new cancer after so many years. I hope though that you will find that as medical research has improved so much over the years, the treatment you are now undergoing will be really effective.
    Are you on a three week rotation? Glad you are feeling positive, its ok to be scared, a very normal reaction. Take each day as it comes, rest as much as you can, let your medical team know of any side-effects especially if they become intolerable. There are lots of things they can do to help you get through the treatment.
    And of course, come and chat here, there are many of us who have been through similar treatments, even if cancer is different. We understand what its like. Take the time to read through the other threads, you will find a lot of helpful, and positive encouragement. Mine was breast cancer, diagnosed 3 yrs ago, I had chemo, surgery and radiotherapy. I am now concentrating on living, getting fitter, and trying to make the most of my life. 
    Part of that I hope, will be to bring hope and encouragement to others going through cancer. The fact that you yourself managed to go 29 yrs is wonderful, but I am so sorry it has returned. 
    Please keep in touch, if you'd like to chat anytime feel free, you can also msg me directly.

    Lou x

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    Thank you that is,so kind. The aches and pains are the only side effect from chemo at the moment and not sleeping. I'm so grateful for all the advances in research and medication. It's amazing! The support here will be great too so thanks again x
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    Hi @JR124 June,
    I am so pleased you found this community. As Lou says, we are a friendly bunch and are committed to supporting and encouraging one another. 

    Even though we all have different cancers, the emotional issues are the same and it is OK and entirely normal to be scared.  Hope you continue to tolerate the chemo as well as you have so far. 

    Do keep in touch. 
    Rob X 
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    Thank you Robert. I know the path can change often. It's lovely to feel supported x
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    My husband is a blokey bloke... and very low at the moment...but won't talk to anyone. Has anyone found something that helps for people who "soldier" on and not talk? 
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