Reconstruction after mastectomy

I had a left breast mastectomy exactly 2 years ago following my cancer diagnosis.  Although mentioned at the time nothing has been said or offered to me since.  Is it too late or should I just be glad to be alive and accept my flat side which has healed well and continue with my life which includes regular gym sessions and caring for my disabled husband who unfortunately had an above knee amputation last year.  He doesn't want me to have another operation as he says they all contain risk and how would we both cope when I am in hospital and recovering afterwards.  


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    Hi @AngelWings ;

    Hello to you, welcome to the group.

    Assuming you have finished any other treatment, I would ask yourself how do you feel about reconstruction? How do you feel not having it done? Which is more important to you?
    If it was mentioned earlier, it will probably still be an option open to you. 

    I was offered reconstruction, DIEP (where the skin and fat is taken from the abdomen), or implant surgery.  I would speak with your dr about the specifics of each of them.  Both options were available to me. However after thinking and talking it through with my husband I decided not to go ahead with it. I didn't want a DIEP as it is a long operation and there was a risk it wouldn't take. I didn't like the idea of a transplant either, which also has its own risks. To be honest I really don't mind being lopsided! It doesn't stop me doing anything, and I'm not bothered now what people think. 
    There are others on here who have had the DIEP reconstruction, there is a thread @JaneyB talked about it in November. It sounds as though you have a few things to consider as well with recovery etc. 
    First port of call though talk to the DR, see what they say.

    Lou x

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