Ht everyone'
Started my radiotherapy in Wednesday 2nd Jan, so had 3 so far had a break with the weekend back again on Monday will be full 5 day's .
Radiotherapy is painless although now noticing a little bit of soreness.
Think the most tiring part us having to go everyday.
Still small price to pay as a prevention to help stop it coming back again.
I was anxious for the first radiotherapy but iI'm ok now.
Wisteria xx


  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 160 ✭✭✭
    Hi @wisteriablue ;

    Great to hear it's going ok with you in radiotherapy. With the soreness, just keep being generous with the moisturizer, if it gets worse, speak to the nurses, they can prescribe Fucibet, or Fucidin creams if it looks like becoming infected.
    Yes, the everyday part is tiring, when you factor in travelling to and fro can be at least two hours.
    Lots of rest inbetween.
    Glad the anxiety has settled down.

    Lou xx
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    Good evening @wisteriablue ;

    I have not had chemo, but I am  full of admiration for community members who have coped with its awful side effects and have bravely posted about their experiences. 
    I rather think that you will find the radiotherapy to be relatively straightforward after chemo.
    I had five weeks of radiotherapy directed in my pelvic area. I found it to be painless if somewhat disconcerting at first.  I did get tired by the third week and I was pretty happy when it was all over. 
    Like Lou, I am delighted that the anxiety has settled down and I will be pleased if you can find the time to keep us posted about your progress. 

    Rob x

  • wisteriabluewisteriablue Posts: 9
    Thank you to you both Rob and Lou ,appreciate your comments and support, will keep you updated.
    Wisteria x
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