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Help Please with query on Colon Cancer

My brother passed away recently from colon cancer. Last year this time I took him for EMS/Sports training and then 3-4 weeks after that, he started having abdomen pains. When went to the normal GP and informed them of training, they thought it muscle tear and said the pain will be like 3 months and must rest for 3 months, etc for it to heal and u can lose muscle mass/weight.

Of course, th pain got worse and worse and then like in Jan lost over 35kg, and only once he did a CT scan was cancer found

I regret every second of taking him for that training, can someone please help me understand if me taking him aggravated the cancer or something as from the date of training, he passed in under a year.

We thought it muscle and never cancer until to late

Please help me understand


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi, I am so sorry you find yourself here, but you are very welcome.

    I am so sorry for your loss and understand the devastation you must be feeling and grief you are going through.

    I am not an expert or anything but I did read a little about EMS sports training. Some Dr’s are using it with cancer patients who are unable to undertake other forms of exercise.

    I can’t imagine for one minute that the training your brother did aggravated or caused the cancer. Sometimes this type of cancer is difficult to detect as patients can have no symptoms until it is quite advanced. Perhaps your brother didn’t have any other symptoms apart from the pain. Pain in the abdomen can often be attributed to other things too. It may well have been present before the training.

    I don’t know if this helps at all, it is understandable to want to find answers especially when everything happens so fast. Please try not to blame yourself, although I understand that is difficult not to do.

    If you would like to chat please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Thinking of you,

    Lou x

  • jaysa123jaysa123 Posts: 3

    Hi Lou

    Thank you so much for your kindness in reaching out and doing research. As you said it very difficult as everything went downhill after the EMS

    You right in that he did not present any symptoms ( like blood in stool) which they say is a sign of colon cancer. The pain yes we always thought was muscle and everything happens so fast that I could not save him

    Doctors say that it was a rare case as he was 40 and presented nothing cancer-related but it got so aggressive that it ate through the wall of his colon

    I am doing my best not to blame myself but it sadly after his passing do I now see all the opportunities to get him into the hospital sooner

    Thank you again for chatting /commenting as it helped a lot and I appreciate it so much

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Your brother was so young, and it is a tragedy the cancer was so aggressive by the time it was found.

    Yes, unfortunately we do find after going through such heartache so many ‘if only’s’ and ‘what if’s’ fill our thoughts and minds. But at the time you, your brother and your family no doubt did everything you knew to do. It can tear you apart re-imagining or thinking what else could you have done. I am certain your brother wouldn’t want you to blame yourself at all.

    There are many others here who have also lost loved ones to cancer, and many who also have gone through the same cancer as your brother. You will find a lot of support here, should you want it. Everyone will understand completely what you are going through.

    Lou x

  • JerseyBobJerseyBob Posts: 105 ✭✭✭

    @jaysa123 @LouiseJ

    Hello jaysa

    I have read your posts and I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother at such a young age.

    Let me say right away, that I agree with everything Lou has said. Though no expert, I cannot imagine any way that the EMS training would have caused, affected or aggravated your brother’s cancer. The actions you took simply demonstrate your love and support for him and given the GP thought it was a muscle tear, you would have had no reason to believe otherwise.

    Five years ago I was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer and subsequently became quite depressed over what I saw as missed opportunities to catch it earlier. It is a natural feeling and it is easy to look back and wonder if we could have acted earlier but in reality, there is almost certainly little more that we could have done given the knowledge we had at the time.

    I was encouraged to contact MacMillan Cancer Support and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I came into contact with people who had been through similar situations and who understood. Just a thought.

    I am pleased that you have found us. I hope that you will keep in touch. There are some amazing, friendly and caring people in this community which is also now such an important part of my life.

    Rob x

  • jaysa123jaysa123 Posts: 3
    edited May 4

    Thank you all for the long messages and replies

    I just hate myself as if we focused on muscle then would of went for scans and could have at least try to fight it. Feel cause of me, I never even give my brother a fighting chance as saw him getting weaker and that he was not well but never thought to get him a full proper checkup 

    It was terrible to see him suffer in so much pain and losses himself and I think feeling so helpless is what gets you as I tried as u all say. I learned about stomas and how to take of them, meal replacements, morphine, made sure all tablets etc where taken on time...tried to hydrate him as much as possible

    He was meant to start chemo but body and weight was to low/weak and i feel i let him down when he needed me the most

    I never felt so much pain and never been so lost in my life. I get panic attacks and just cant eat or function

    so i do thank you all here for are responding and being there for me as it does help to talk about to esp as i can see sadly people can relate to this

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