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It’s the weekend!! (UK, clocks go FORWARD an hour 😀)

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@Chilali1531 @NanaBubbles @RobertA @Lesley @jacksprat_x1 @Anneb

Good afternoon everyone

I realised I have missed a few details from previous posts, so I thought I would start a new chat and carry on from here! 😊

I cannot believe it is the last weekend of March and this weekend we move the clocks forward an hour! I know our family life has been very turbulent which has probably caused time to speed up!

I am looking forward to the extra hours of daylight though! 😀

Michele , Ali I missed some of your posts, I’m sorry I didn’t respond.

Michele, I’m sorry weren’t able to attend the funeral in person in the end, but as we get released from lockdown hopefully you’ll be able to visit soon. I loved reading your story of the Martello towers esp near Dymchurch. We used to visit that part of Kent often when I was a child, I loved it there! I am hoping to visit that area and parts of Norfolk in my family tree searches.

My family in Canada live in Quebec, my father used to visit them often as his sister lives there also. It really has been such a joy to find them again and get to know my cousins. We get in really well too! I would love to visit with them one day.

In the last two years I have also made contact with another cousin here in the UK who I hadn’t seen since I was 12! We get on really well and speak often. During lockdown we have had several facetimes and evenings together. It is such a shame we spent so many years not being in touch.

Ali your step daughters project and film sounds fascinating, how fantastic for her to be able to research Peter’s side of the family. And even more exciting she has made contact with some relatives! I am really excited for her,it is such a thrill when you find someone or find a link and it opens doors once closed.

This last week we had the UK census to do, I have been really excited about doing it. I applied for a paper one do I could take a copy and keep it in my family tree stuff. Then in the future when one of our great, great, great grandchildren are looking up family tree they wouldn’t have to wait 100 years for information to be released. Haha! ( now that’s thinking ahead! 😂😂)

In the end I completed it online but screenshot all the pages. The paper one arrived today, I might fill it in to keep here, don’t need to return it now.

When do France do their censuses? And Australia Margy?

I have just had some really good news just now, it’s made my day! Tell you later though! 😀

Hope everyone is having a good day, chat soon.

Love Lou xx


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    Hello everyone

    This is a Wombat hole in the side of the Murray River. I will come back just on dusk to see if I can get o photo of mummy and her babies for you.

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    @Sunshinedaff @Chilali1531 @RobertA @Lesley @jacksprat_x1 @Anneb

    Good morning everyone

    I hope you are all doing ok - we all seem to be going through difficult times just now and I do hope that life is improving for us all.

    Lovely to hear all your news Lou and good to hear about your family history discoveries - very exciting! I have second cousins in Montreal, Vancouver and various places in British Columbia but we visited Quebec some years ago and it is a very interesting place, well worthy of a visit for its own sake. While we were there the new Queen Mary cruise ship came into the harbour on her maiden voyage and we were able to watch as she docked from the top windows of the hotel. The next day though, the whole place was gridlocked with people from the ship!! We were able to walk down to the harbour side and looked up at the height of the ship - humongous!!! Nothing would induce me to get on board such an enormous ship although we do like cruising on smaller ships.

    I think that family history can be very rewarding and also become addictive although it can be very confusing when you get back a bit. I don’t know about your families but in mine each family consists of 7 or 8 siblings with the oldest boy always named after the father (confusion) and then a child might die and then a subsequent baby would be given the same name (more confusion!)

    Regarding Kent, I was born in Dover and loved the countryside, visiting the castle and, of course, the sea. There was no car ferry port then, of course, but the port was very busy and the train going to London where my grandparents lived went through the orchard areas which were stunning in springtime. Best of all though were the days we would go out on my Dad’s motorbike and sidecar and I loved riding on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway - big treat!! I expect you have done that too, Lou. I also loved going in a hired rowing boat on the Military Canal which runs along by the railway and past the Martello tower - good memories. We lived there until I was 6 and then my Dad got a promotion and we moved to Hampshire.

    Margy, your wombat hole pictures are great but the holes are enormous! Wombats must be quite big - the size of our badgers perhaps?

    Rob, I do hope your eyes are improving and that your steroids are not causing their own problems. I have joined you with those now - I went to Rheumatology last week and went through all the tangle of medical conditions which have conflicting treatments. I saw a lovely young lady registrar who agreed we needed to do something about my RA so consulted various of the eminent Oxford professors and well as the Oncology team with the results that I am now on 6 weeks of prednisilone alongside the hydrocortisone I have to take for adrenal insufficiency. Joy!! I shall doubtless end up like a barrage balloon but my swollen joints are beginning to be less painful, thankfully, and that does mean that I can be more active.

    I is a lovely bright and sunny day here and we were hoping to get out to do some chores in the garden but the wind is bitterly cold. However, the forecast for this coming week is for warm sunshine so I might leave the garden until then - plenty to do inside!

    Have a good weekend, everybody and look after yourselves.


    Michele x

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    @NanaBubbles @RobertA @Chilali1531 @Anneb @jacksprat_x1 @Lesley

    Good morning everyone,

    Ooh just seen, midday, so good afternoon! Must be lunchtime soon.

    Busy morning here, one load of washing on the line, sorted more of Mark’s brothers things out. Even just being able to do some of that is good.

    Bright and windy here too, hoping the rain stays away.

    Margy I didn’t know wombats lived near the water! Have you been able to sight them yet?

    Michele I know what you mean about family names! The number of lines I have all with numerous offspring with the same name! Also not just in families. It seems while villages and towns all used the same names too, I understand some were related, but not all were. Clearly our later generations have developed more imagination. I think also though a name might have denoted some sort of occupation/rank / nobility.

    Sorry , have rambled on a bit! I do love talking about it!

    I hope the new meds make a positive difference soon Michele, it is tricky weighing up the pros and cons of side effects and effectiveness. My sister has struggled for a long time since her treatment see-sawing between being on the meds and having some relief and struggling with the side effects.

    Mark is in the garden itching to do something, there is loads to do inside and outside!

    Finding it difficult not to don my wellies and join him. Mmmm.

    Hannah has just said it’s lunchtime! She went out and bought baguette to have with lunch! She is very excited about it! We are winning the battle, one day, one meal at a time...

    Have a great day all, chat later no doubt.

    Lou 😀🤗xx

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    I think wombats are larger than badgers.

    They are pretty big. This wombat is not fully grown yet.

    His name is Neal I think

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    Oh wow! Neal is HUGE! 😀 Definitely bigger than badgers I think.


    Lou xx

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    Yes lou,

    If you hit one( just happens sometimes in mountains) they come out at night

    They will flip your car and it will be a right off and hopefully no one is hurt.

    it is like hitting a truck head on. I have friends who it has happened too

    usually the wombat waddles off and you and your car are stuffed

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    Thought this was so funny, and what’s worse very true! Hahaha

    I finally made it into the garden today, feels so good to be outside. Did some more sorting inside too, so feel like I’ve achieved something today. Just making a cup of tea to sit in garden with now!

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.

    Ali it is very warm here today, I can imagine it being a lot warmer in Toulouse! 😀😎

    Margy, that is amazing to think a fluffy cuddly animal would do such a thing! 😀.

    Chat soon,

    Lou xx

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    Hi Lou

    It is always nice to see the clocks ‘Spring’ forward and particularly exciting this year to imagine that life is starting to get back to normal. A couple in a neighbouring apartment have invited Mary and I round to theirs for drinks on Friday. We have chatted socially distanced in the hallways and car park and we like them very much so we are really pleased.

    How lovely that you have caught up with so many cousins and it is really great that you have become such good friends too.

    Haha, I remember the lyrics of all of the songs from the 60s but to be fair, like Michele, I tend to know that my forays into the kitchen involve looking for cakes or biscuits and if not, I remember as soon as I open the cupboard.🤣

    It is wonderful to hear that Hannah is doing so well. It must take a lot of effort and determination on her part and you must be very proud of her.

    Hi Margy. Wow, wombats are HUGE. Neal looks pretty relaxed too. I guess you need to keep your eyes skinned when walking along the riverbank though. If you fell down one of those holes you might not be able to get out and end up living with the Wombats.

    Hope you are also feeling well and relaxed and loving your home visit.

    Hi Michele. Though they now live in the USA and have American passports, a niece and a nephew of mine were born in Toronto and moved to Quebec with their Mum and Dad when they were respectively seven and ten. neither of them spoke any French, but all of their school lessons were in that language so they had to pick it up pretty quickly which they were able to do fairly easily at their ages. I don't know much about my Mum's family history because her parents were divorced when she was seventeen and her Dad's stockbroking firm collapsed leaving them bankrupt. They'd had a huge detached house, swimming pool and Bentley and my Mum had been brought up as a lady and had no career skills. She ended up getting a job behind the counter in my Dad's shop and the rest is history.😍

    Getting divorced in those days was shocking of course, and my parents always shut down any time we tried to ask about our grandfather and why he wasn't with Gran. We never even met him.

    Thank you for your kind wishes. It is great to hear that you have been getting such good care and treatment in managing your RA. I guess that six weeks is a fairly short period of time and hopefully any side effects will be mild if at all. I am on Prednisolone too and it has been a significant help in managing the rheumatism and its attendant pains. Unfortunately, the permanent loss of vision risk caused by my Temporal Arteritis is considered more damaging than any side effects and I have been on the Pred for a very long time (12 months) and my high doses have to continue or be substituted. I have now been diagnosed with low level Type 2 Diabetes, brought on by the steroids, my legs and feet are swollen and I have difficulty walking. Then there is the weight gain too. These side effects have only happened because I have been on such high doses for over a year and happily the doctor has told me they are reversible. My steroids are to be reduced and I am being put on a biological treatment which requires a weekly injection. I am actually quite happy with the situation because I know what is wrong and have a programme to manage it.

    Have a lovely Easter everyone.

    Rob xx

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    Happy Easter

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    This shop window in town reminds me of my parents who were bakers and confectioners. They had similar displays in their shop windows and I remember they had a big clockwork chicken with a nodding head holding a tray of home made chocolate Easter eggs and sweets sealed inside them. Mums and Dads would put in orders and ask for their child’s name to be put on the egg using an icing squeezer. My Parents were really artistic with cake decorations and also made and decorated Wedding cakes. Everyone thought that my Mum was the sole decorator but my Dad who was a marine engineer by trade had incredible patience and an eye for detail and he was pretty good too.

    Have a lovely Easter everyone.

    Rob xx

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    Easter egg overload


  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 148 ✭✭✭

    Belated photo of The Murray River where I used to swim as a child.

    Now we sit and look at it with a fishing rod


    It really is a beautiful place


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    Hi Rob,

    That window looks amazing! I like the huge egg in the pot! We have had some difficulty getting eggs this year, I don’t think there have been as many as previous years available.

    I loved reading about your family’s baking and confectionary business, that sounds really wonderful, something I could only dream of.

    It reminds me of the story ‘Chocolat’, Do you have any photos of their displays?

    If didn’t make you want to have a go then, become a baker?

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    Happy Easter to you both,


    Lou xx

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    Hi Margy,

    Lol!! Haha, I am guessing these are for the grandchildren, or are they ready for all of you. Are you going to do an egg/rabbit hunt in the garden?

    Guess what!? We are!! A certain someone declared they were going to have an Easter egg, the first in 3 years. ( Our response....ship em in, 😂). We have a surprise egg hunt arranged. I know they are both in their 20’s now, but they love it!! Hahaha, and brilliant that it will be eaten.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, Happy Easter to you all.


    Lou xx

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    Hi Lou

    No, sadly I don’t have any photographs which is a great shame but we didn’t have phone cameras in those days and I was young and didn’t give it much thought.

    Haha, my Dad did not encourage me to be a baker. He wanted me to go into banking for the security and pension it provided and I did that. Dad was a seagoing Marine Engineer by trade and he was made redundant in 1933 during the Great Depression. He was fortunate in many ways as he had been brought up by two maiden aunts who owned the bakery and shop and they inducted him into the business which is how he became a baker/confectioner.

    I just realised I have a photo of the shop from circa 1913 - my Dad is the boy with the bike. My aunts were called Dodsworth which is my middle name given in their honour.

    Rob xx

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    @Anneb @Sunshinedaff

    Oh Margy, you are naughty. That is way too much chocolate, but Easter only comes once a year so why not. A swim in the gorgeous Murray river looks irresistible but maybe not after the chocolate.

    The egg hunt will be fun Lou. Lovely to hear that the girls are both getting involved in it and will be eating them too.

    Rob xx

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    @RobertA @LouiseJ @Chilali1531 @NanaBubbles

    Hello hello wonderful people,💖

    Sorry for being absent again. I am working 5 days from 11am till 7pm and time is just going so quickly. Never seem to have time to ourselves.

    So much great news from you all. Remission...wow.. that is brilliant beyond words.

    Its such a shame we all suffer from unrelenting tiredness still. It just seems to be forever. I know i worry all the time if it is coming back..the cancer i mean. But i try to shake it.

    Rob, those damn steroids, such a necessary evil.

    What an extraordinary photo Rob of your family store. That is just fantastic and so historic.

    All the easter eggs were given to pete beau and i 😂😂so yes rob, i gave them away except for a few. I gave them to our lovely neighbours and grankids ect...anyone who would take one😂😂😂

    All the neighbours loved them. Especially the ones just above us and their 3 little ones💖💖💖I sort of felt like the Easter bunny and Santa rolled into one.💖💖

    Our trip home was so good. Now planning our next getaway. Hopefully in the next 8 weeks, but we seem to have so much on . Finished inside painting except beaus room. He has 3 huge bookcases full of his books and is dreading the move of them all.

    Yes lou, that is the last of it.....untill pete decides on something. He just cant stay still.

    Actually pete is going to a great new job as Head of Commercial in a few weeks. We are all pretty excited about it.

    Im off to the doctor again on monday. Im afraid i have neuralgia back. Really bad pain again. In the same place as last time. My back. Took 2 years to get rid of. At least i have the pain killers, only take 4 a week allowed.

    How is your neck and back lou, are you getting any relief yet. What did the doctor think is causing it. How are the family💖💖💖

    It is so interesting hearing about everyones heritage. Ours ofcourse are from england and Europe. A few of dad's family went to the U.S.A. early 1800 as well.

    We have had the family trees done and so amazing.

    Anyway i better go and lay down. I either have to lie down or stand up😂😂😂to ease the pain. So no sitting for me....

    Im sending you a meme beau sent me today. Cracked me up.

    Love to you all, congratulations on all the Wins you are all having with your health.



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    Hello Everyone & a very belated Happy Easter 🐣

    Sorry for my absence, been quite busy, a lot of medical appointments. Lovely to catch up on all your news.

    Im feeling so much better after a really rough month. I also had the results of my 6 monthly bone marrow tests which show I’m still cancer-free & the leukaemia is still in remission. Phew phew 😅 - I was beginning to wonder.

    Ive been off chemo pills for a month & they’re keeping me off for another 2 months so I can have the Covid vaccination - very pleased about that. Gives my body a chance to rest a bit too. Sadly I still have to take the steroids like you Rob.

    We’ve just gone into our 3rd lockdown which is really necessary as figures in France have been rising since Christmas. So now we can travel within a 10km radius only, non essential shops closed etc. Hannah lives 7km away so that’s lucky. Daniel a bit further but he can drop by in his way back from work to pick up his weekly “ take-mum-away” as I call it ( soup & whatever I’ve made). This week it’s red pepper soup & chic chip cookies which Peter makes (& eats). Not my thing, I’m far more salty than sweet. But I have to say that for the first time in 2 years I’ve enjoyed eating chocolate- it actually tasted fairly normal- just in time for Easter. My mum sent me a care package of hot cross buns & mini cream eggs! The children think these are disgusting ( French snobbery!) - I think you have to be brought up on them to like them - same with Marmite !

    We managed to go to the mountains for a long weekend & had beautiful weather. There’s nothing better than a glorious spring day when the air is still cool enough to enjoy. We had barbecues ( canard) & ate outside at lunchtime. Temperatures drop a lot at night of course & there’s still quite a lot of snow higher up.

    I love the picture of the bakery Rob, what a fantastic shop front ! Maybe that explains your love of cakes ??

    Gréât même Margy ! Will be forwarding that to a lot of my achy & ailing friends !🤣 Can’t believe the size of that wombat !

    Take care everyone, & next week extra gardening or walking to make up for all that chocolate! Ali XX

    Decorated eggs & home made cards & flowers

    Easter hampers for the children

    I’m feeling so much better 😊

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    A little prayer i say every week😂😂😂


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    Good morning everyone,

    Hahaha, Margy lol, so funny. 😂😂

    Ail, I am so very pleased for you, fantastic news to have a medical report with the word remission in. 🤗👋👋

    It is wonderful to hear you are feeling so much better as well, as Spring continues you can enjoy the warmth in your garden, especially while you are in lockdown again. Great you were able to get to the mountains for a little while. It is good the family are still within reach even with lockdown

    I love your Easter hampers you made, lovely! The hot x buns arrived in good condition? How did she send them? I have been making my own, which never last long!

    Margy those chocolate gifts were for you all, 😀, I expect your neighbours and friends who received them were very blessed.

    The meds have kicked in for my tooth, thank goodness. Rob, the tooth has had root canal done already, so it is a dead tooth, the infection is underneath. I have no idea how it happens. The next thing will be to remove it if it recurs.

    It is very chilly here still, the sun is shining but very cold. On one of the warm days over Easter Mark and Phoebe put my trough together in the greenhouse, we moved a desk into there too so I have more work space area. Just need to get to a garden centre to pick up some soil and lining to fill it with. Phoebs did the Math and says we need 8 1/2 bags! 😀.

    Margy really sorry to hear about the neuralgia, so painful. How are you managing to work with it? Could you not take some sick leave? I’ve no idea how it works in Aus!

    I am still having physio for my neck, although remotely, so basically I am physio-being myself! Had to cancel on Weds because of my tooth!

    Right the day is getting on, just put the shopping away!

    Ooh yes, this was funny, I meant to say that last week I actually received a shielding letter!!(a year after lockdown started!) Then I got an updated one yesterday! We changed GPs at the start of the year. Clearly my new GP is far more on the ball than my old GP! If made me laugh though😀.

    Chat later, have a good day

    Lou xx

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    Thanks for this Margy😂😂, had to share it!

    I also found this one


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    Oh Margy, so sorry to hear about your neuralgia. It must be horrible, but it clearly hasn’t affected your lovely sense of humour. Haha, I am eating a lot of lettuce at the moment, not my idea of Easter Bunny food. We still have Easter chocolate around though and I have to sit and watch Mary savouring it’s delights whilst I am enjoying a stick of celery or something similar.

    Fantastic to hear about Pete’s great new job. You must be very proud of him and perhaps you can cut your own hours a bit. Working such long hours, painting and coping with your neuralgia at the same time - no wonder you are exhausted.

    Hi Ali, so pleased you are feeling so much better, are cancer free and getting a break from the chemo pills.

    I really look forward to seeing your photographs. Your craft skills are amazing and Easter, Christmas and other special occasions will be even more so at your home, the children are so lucky.

    it must be really great to be able to head off to the mountains and to enjoy barbecues and the lovely scenery.

    So sorry to hear about your third lockdown. We are pretty much COVID free now but I still can’t risk flying and so we can’t go any further than 10k without arriving at the coast.

    Hi Lou, I am pleased that your tooth infection is under control but that neck issue must be really frustrating.

    Ooh, hot cross buns. Another of my favourites. It’s a good thing I don’t live in your house with all that cooking, cakes and buns around.

    Rob xx

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