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What are the best frozen gloves and slippers to use during chemotherapy to prevent neuropathy?


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    Good morning Michelle,

    Welcome to the LBWForum.

    I have not heard of these, my chemotherapy days are five years ago, perhaps they are a new aid to help combat the effects of chemotherapy. I have tagged Liz in this conversation, she is a specialist cancer nurse and I am sure she will have some insight to share with you.

    I also know there are many others here who will understand what it is like to suffer with neuropathy as a result of cancer treatment.

    I understand since the pandemic began that many hospitals, if not all of them are not allowing patients to have someone with them during chemotherapy and appointments. I hope you have excellent care and understanding from the nurses. It is very daunting starting treatment and not being able to have any support with you I can imagine being difficult.

    I hope that if you are about to begin treatment it goes well for you. Please feel free to come and ask questions or have a chat about anything. Everyone here is very friendly and supportive.

    Best wishes, chat soon,

    Lou x

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