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Breast Cancer Awareness

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone is having a good week, as best as can be considering many circumstances.

I was watching the latest I'm a Celebrity the other night, and it was really great to hear Victoria Derbyshire talking about her breast cancer diagnosis so openly with another person. I thought it was a great opportunity on prime time tv to be able to get the message out to all women watching it, the importance of checking for anything not 'normal' to them. Completely natural and unplanned conversation. For many of us here, we know and understand too well what can happen, but hopefully there will be many who were watching that might have taken note.

It is the same with other cancers too, what is 'normal' for one person is different for another person, it is not ignoring those changes that is important, as we all know.

I have put a link below with a really useful checking idea from Know Your Lemons Foundation.

Have a peaceful afternoon,




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    Good afternoon Lou

    I did not see the programme, but it is great to hear that Victoria Derbyshire was talking openly about her breast cancer diagnosis. I seem to recall that she was involved in the ‘Real Full Monty Ladies Night’ with Colleen Nolan and others a couple of years ago.

    Bill Turnbull was on TV recently talking about his advanced and terminal Prostate Cancer. He said that he had tell tale signs a year before he went to his doctor but he sadly ignored them.

    It is really good to know that well known people are prepared to talk so openly about their cancers as they have the platform to encourage others to check for abnormalities and seek medical advice without unnecessary delay.

    Chat soon.

    Rob xx

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