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Festivities, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the festive Holiday season....

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In an effort to brighten the days which can be filled with anxiety, fear, stress and uncertainty I thought it would be a good idea to start a 'Festive' thread.

I am well aware it is only November, however I do not think I am alone when I say we have had to start things early in our home in an effort to bring some joy to combat the elements that are working against us.

Next week it is Thanksgiving in the USA and for all Americans who celebrate it around the world.

You and your family may celebrate other festivals and celebrations also.

This thread is where we can share stories, photos of how we celebrate these times.

It appears the idea to start Christmas early is spreading with several communities already doing the very same as we have here at home. This year has been incredibly difficult for many, many people, and people continue to suffer in one way or another as the pandemic and the effects of it take its toll.

Come and join in here, spread a little joy, humour, stories etc to bring a little cheer to our members.

I have copied some excerpts of some chats we have had in other discussions as they are well worth reading.

@Anneb Margy wrote ...

'I love reading all your stories and especially your traditions and your lives and when you were children. It seems so different than mine here in Australia. Maybe because our weather is so different to the top half of the world. We have such long long summers and heat and winter never ever lasts long enough...I tell you ...I should have been born in Alaska...lol... love the winter. Also you have a cold Christmas, how marvelous that would be....there nothing like cooking the turkey, ham, and pork in 40 degree heat....lol...

The last few years I have gone cold . I cook the meat in the evening....usually up past midnight waiting...lol...but worth it Christmas day to have a cool house. seafood platters as well.. I make lots of salads and then good stock standard ones mum taught me like Tomato, onion and cucumber. Potato salad and layered salad, Tabouli, pasta, rice salad, crunchy noodle slaw and i cook my own beetroot. Sweets are hot plum pudding (must have plum pudding) and trimmings, pavlova (yuk...but the kids love it...) cheesecake and of course my mums Trifle...yum....

Now by the way, all that is for around 20 of us....lol...not just Pete , myself and Beau....lol....

Our traditions are swimming in the pool at our eldest's sons house for breakfast Christmas morning and grandchildren's presents ....Rob...there is ALWAYS Christmas Day Test match of cricket...lol... and it gets serious too...lol...then there is football...the boys get serious about that too.....after they all stop falling over and laughing. Also the fathers (ie pete) realises he is not as young as the boys and retires to fill everyone beers and wines...lol.....

Then I do anti pasta platters for dinner and everyone just grazes.....and then go home....and off we go to bed...exhausted....lol....but I do love it.

This year it will not be as hectic as it is the In Laws turn to have the kids for Christmas. We take it turns of Christmas as it is only fair to everyone.'

@RobertA Rob wrote..

'Hi Lou. I don't think it is too early for the Christmas thread this year. As Margy says, it will cheer us all up and thank goodness we are not turkeys. I think the idea of the Christmas stockings with a maximum of £10 is fantastic. When we were children we had stockings filled with an apple, an orange, nuts and the big treat, a Terry's chocolate orange. Rationing remained for a few years following World War Two and people had no money anyway. As kids we didn't know that, but we were happy and Christmas was a wonderful time.'

@Chilali1531 Ali wrote..

'No it’s not too early to begin Christmas Lou- I think this year we need to make the most of it so I’m starting tomorrow! I’m going to put the Christmas music on, closet myself in the bedroom , pull all the little presents I’ve been collecting out of the hiding places & put them in bags so I know who’s getting what as it’s starting to get complicated. I fear the mail may get overwhelmed soon with all the online deliveries so will send off my parcels early next week too. Still wondering how & where to get my tree 🌲... do you have yours Lou ?

I collected lots of v small flat pebbles when we were at the river Tarn before lockdown & am painting nativity figures which i can send to family & friends as they’re not too heavy. My mum’s sent me some little knitted Christmas things- we keep the Royal Mail in business between the pair of us !'

@NanaBubbles Michele wrote..

'Ali, sorry to hear about your lockdown which seems much stricter than ours here. Lovely that you could get out just beforehand though and your photos are wonderful as always. I have started painting some Christmas cards in watercolour which has put me in the mood for Christmassy things so have made my mincemeat and started my Christmas cake fruit soaking in what should have been brandy but trying Cointreau for a change! This is because I found that we had 3 unopened bottles of Cointreau in the cupboard!'


Ali, your Christmas stocking prep sounds great, with all those little gifts, I love doing that also. I first began doing stockings for the family when I was still at college, and had no money. One year I decided to make a stocking for everyone with a max of £10 per person. I delivered them to my mum on Christmas Eve, she delivered them to each person at night, even my grandma's doorstep, and they woke up to them. It was brilliant fun, like you say, I had so much fun doing it, the idea stuck and it has become a family tradition now. Each year I gather all manner of odds and ends to go in them, and we all get one. Of course it is Santa really, I am just a helper! Phoebe is Santa's helper this year too. Hahaha. Christmas morning, early (really early!), the girls pile into our room onto the bed and we sit and open them together. I think if and when they ever move out and have their own homes, they will still expect the tradition to continue! haha.

Looking forward to reading and seeing your celebratory stories...

Chat soon,

Lou xx



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    So far so good...🎄


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    Good afternoon everyone.

    Yes Lou, what a great idea to get the festive thread going. It has been a tough year for everyone and we need some cheer so why not start now. Your fireplace is lovely and the candles really highlight it. Mary loves candles and she will be inspired by your display even though we don’t have a fireplace in our new home. Your tree is magnificent. It looks very tall and I am wondering how you managed to decorate the top half.

    The St. Helier Christmas light switch on usually heralds the start of La Fête dé Noué, a series of events and activities celebrating Christmas. The lights were switched on last Thursday, but this year, the annual Christmas Parade will not happen and neither will the Christmas Markets.

    We rarely have snow here in Jersey and I can remember the last time we did three years ago. We rushed out of the house with our camera and so did everyone else in the street. It was so funny and everyone was laughing.

    Our own Christmas decorations are in storage and we will pop into town and pick them up next week. Watch this space.

    Rob xx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,272 ✭✭✭✭✭

    These are photos of the Christmas Parade and Market last year.

    Rob xx

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    Good morning everyone,


    Those photos are lovely, this year I think it will be so different everywhere obviously. I am not sure how town councils will be able to afford to put any lights up as businesses that usually support these ventures have had such a terrible year financially.

    It is good that you still have some lights if not the markets and other celebrations that go along with the season.

    We added some lights to our street on Sunday. We have this pine tree in the front garden, I think it was an old Christmas tree, replanted years ago before our time here. I got Mark to arrange two sets of coloured lights around it, and it looks really pretty in the dark. We don't have any street lighting near us, so it stands out quite a lot. Haha. As do the lights twinkling in our front porch, which apparently are visible from the end of the road, hahaha.

    I am a such a child when it comes to Christmas lights. I love seeing houses decorated with them, and when the girls were younger, ok, so still last year (lol), we would drive around looking for houses lit up.

    I love candles, I best not mention how many I get through in a week over the Christmas season! Our fireplace isn't real, it is for effect only. We don't have a chimney. Haha.

    Phoebe did the top half of the tree, lol. Yes, too tall for me, and they get scared when I decide to stand on a chair to have a go, hahaha. The star is about two inches from the ceiling, the little table helps to give the tree some more height, which has to be decorated with a different wrapping paper each year. Not an easy decision either, haha. When I am wrapping anything it takes me a long time to choose which paper to use for which gift and the person it is intended for. I probably sound crazy, but there you have it!

    Hope everyone has a good day,

    Chat soon,

    Lou xx

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    Hi Lou

    It sounds lovely to have some coloured lights on the pine tree in your garden. They must look great, especially as there are no street lights nearby. I expect you will enjoy some lovely starry nights when there are no clouds about.

    It is just as well that you let Phoebe decorate the top half of the tree. Standing on chairs is definitely not recommended for over 30s 😉 It sounds as if you have as much fun planning and decorating in preparation for Christmas as you do on the big day itself.

    We are lucky inasmuch as the Town lights/decorations are still very good this year though we will miss the markets and parades.

    There will be just Mary and myself at home on Christmas Day. We will enjoy it and we do have FaceTime so we will still be able to chat to everyone. At least we won’t have to have turkey which I don’t particularly like. I do like Christmas pud, mince pies, Quality Street and vino though.😀😃

    Chat soon.

    Rob xx

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who may be celebrating this national holiday today.

    I imagine for many it may be very different this year, and if you are separated from loved ones due to cancer, covid or lockdown, I hope that you may be able to catch up and meet online in some capacity, sharing the day together somehow.

    Sending best wishes to you all,

    Chat soon,

    Lou xx

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    @RobertA @Sunshinedaff

    Well hello my lovely friends,

    I love your photos. Your tree is beautiful Lou, and the lights look fantastic Rob .

    Beau and i went out at 8am this morning , Saturday, to xmas shop, groceries etc to beat the heat (40 degrees today 🌞🔥🔥🔥🔥) and the crowds......well that didnt work. It was 37 when we left and the population of our city had the same idea...AND It is only November.

    It was like shopping the week before xmas. Incredible. So we did the groceries and butcher and came home🤣🤣🤣

    Lovely to have a Christmas letter chat

    Margy 🎄❤🎄❤🎄❤🎄

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    @Anneb @Sunshinedaff

    Good evening dear friends. Well it is getting dark now, so it must be evening. Mary is chatting to her sister on FaceTime, so I think dinner will be a long way off yet. I may offer to bob out to the chippy as we are both a bit weary and there is football on the TV followed by Strictly Come Dancing. I don't eat fish but the chippy cheeseburgers with fried onions are a bit tasty and it is just a ten minute stroll from home. I think a nice Portuguese beer is on the cards too.

    Oh Margy. I can't handle that sort of heat. I have experienced it in Texas and Las Vegas but I struggled with it. Let us hope that you don't have any fires this year.

    Chat soon

    Rob xx

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    @RobertA @Sunshinedaff

    Oh Rob, it got to 42 degrees yesterday. 46 degrees in Echuca. Poor Elaine and Graeme. Too hot to go outside. When it hits like this, so quickly, you forget what its like. It is going to be a very long hot summer.

    The fires have started Rob but being jumped on pretty quickly. There was one last week near Elaine and Graeme. It burnt 2000 hectares before getting under control.

    It is going to be another scary summer i am afraid. Pete was up at 5am this morning putting the sprinkler system on the the garden. Thank heavens , too big to hand water.

    I started my xmas decorations last weekend. I received pressies from England and they are the only thing under the tree sofar.💖💖💖🎄🎄🎄 thankyou Lou 💖💖🎄🎄💖💖🎄🎄

    And beautiful candles from last year and this year.💖🎄💖🎄💖

    Rob, did Mary and yourself receive my house warming card and little present. I sent it ages ago💖

    Lou i grew (tried) to grow 2 conifers in pots on the balcony so i could decorate for xmas...they died in the heat..pete had to pull them out for me yesterday. They would have been perfect as about 2 and a half feet.😢😢😢😢i was so upset. Back to square one now😢😢😢

    Well it is 10am here so i had better go to the supermarket for supplies for the week to do our work lunches before it turns into another ferocious day.

    At least there is no lockdown here. I feel so sorry for you all with the lockdowns again. It is just horrible and so close to xmas. It will make it so hard for everyone. The emotional burden of health and lockdown is emotionally draining.💖💖💖💖

    Love to you all

    Margy 💖🎄💖🎄💖🎄💖

    Ps: Lou, i did my xmas cards yesterday..woo hoo😀😀😀

    My beautiful Christmas candles all the way from England 💖💖💖

    Ornaments from England PLUS if you look closely you will see my Surfing Santas will surf boards. 😂😂😂


    Love Margy

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    Hi Margy

    Oh no, we did not get your house warming card and pressie. What a lovely kind thought and what a shame they did not arrive. Our overseas mail always comes through the UK and I think they must have got lost there. I worked in the Post Office here in Jersey for several years and they all know me, plus I have a redirect on my mail so I am sure they did not reach the Island. Mary and I are so pleased that you mentioned it and we are really touched that you thought of us, thank you so much.

    We just can't begin to imagine the heat you have to cope with. We would just not be able to go outside at all. Thank goodness you have a sprinkler system and hopefully it will help to keep you safe during the hot summer.

    I love all your Christmas decorations (and I noticed your wine rack too). Our decorations are in storage as we don't have any space in the apartment. We are nipping into town to collect them this afternoon. Watch this space.

    Love from Rob xx

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 163 ✭✭✭

    Rob, maybe it will turn up eventually, maybe for christmas🤣🤣🤣

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,409 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Christmas 2021, maybe!😂😂


    Margy your Xmas decorations look lovely! I like your apron, thing around the tree, I am sure it has a proper name, but I can't think of it right now! I can imagine at night when it is dark, for you at Christmas time quite late I expect, it looks very pretty.

    Today I am looking for a cake recipe I used last year, fancy doing some more baking. But I won't go mad with cakes this year, but will try some new recipes out I think.

    It is wet, rainy, cold here, got tree lights on, if it doesn't warm up soon, the heating is going on already today, lol.

    Hope you have a good day, chat later,

    Lou xx

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    Good morning everyone !

    December at last & we can finally start opening the advent calendars. I decided to collect them about 5 years ago & enjoy buying them from different countries when I get the chance. I don’t mean ones with chocolates or gifts in, the good old fashioned ones with a picture. When I was small we had a lovely crèche type one which stood up & each year it would cone out with great excitement & my brother & I took it in turns to open the windows. This year I found some little bags to buy to make a calendar for my children & partners which you string up. I had a lot of fun filling them with bits & bobs - a lot of home made stuff in there too.

    We have put a tree outside in the front garden decorated mostly with my little creations, made of felt or wood so they’ll withstand the rain. Actually it’s the gusty wind which causes the most problems here so we’ve attached the tree to a pillar. The French are bemused that «  les Anglais » have started Christmas so soon! But I’m pleased to say our lovely green neighbours have started to decorate the tree in their front garden with home made deco.

    So today being Dec 1st I’m going to start listening to my Messiah cds. I used to sing it at Christmas with my mum’s old choir . I love it - I think even poor Peter must know all the words by now . He gallantry puts up with it day in day out during December! Last year when I was in hospital for 2 months I had it blaring on my CD player every day along with Christmas carols & crooners. The nurses enjoyed it too. I used to get Peter to bring in Quality Street regularly for them. Guaranteed good treatment ! I was in a protected room so not allowed a lot of things ( germs) but they let me have my advent calendar & a small wooden tree Hannah bought me which lit up but all had to be thoroughly sanitized first.

    So breakfast time ... I’ve discivered some delicious bread from our local boulangerie made with chick pea flour. Yummy!

    Love all the gorgeous pictures of your trees, lights, deco etc. Keep it coming !

    Hannah’s advent calendar strung up - shés definitely got the Christmas bug gene too 😍

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    Good morning everyone,

    Ali, your tree in the garden looks wonderful, a proper Christmas tree! The smell of a Christmas tree indoors is really lovely, it is the one downfall of having an artificial tree.

    Yes, Advent began here too, I hang an advent calendar on the front door, and each year put individual gifts in for the girls. Last year and this year I have had to deviate from chocolate and came up with some different ideas.

    We also have traditional advent calendars, the girls have one each and I have one from when I was 10 years old that I bring out each year. My godparents gave it to me one Christmas, and I have never forgotten it.

    It is freezing here today, had to pop out earlier, oh boy is it cold.

    I love the Christmas bedspread, haha, I have a couple of designs that I use too. Also Christmas mugs and cups, the others get put away. I always look forward to getting them out.

    Fabulous idea to listen to the Messiah music throughout advent, I will look it up as I am unfamiliar with it. I have a lovely Christmas album, by The Sidewalk Prophets called Merry Christmas to you. It is brilliant and one of my favourites. Look it up, there is also Rend Collective Campfire Christmas Album, that is good too.

    Phoebe is in the kitchen prepping some gingerbread cookies to bake, the aroma will be lush later!

    Mark found the Pringles in the garage, lol, I had begun to put some goodies aside for Christmas, haha, as Phoebe said, well mum, it is Advent, it's Christmas! LOL.

    I hope everyone is having a good week,

    Chat soon,

    Lou xxx

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    Good evening everyone

    Oh Ali. What a fabulous tree. Your garden looks like a cosy place to be and I also love the bedspread and pillows.

    The Messiah was one of the set works I had to study for my music A levels and I grew to love it though if you heard my efforts at singing any part of it, you would be horrified.

    It must have been a really tough and scary time for you and for Peter, with you being in hospital for such a long time last year. It sounds though, as if you kept the nurses entertained with the music and Peter’s Quality Street. How special to be enjoying your Advent calendars and looking forward to Christmas at home this year.

    Hi Lou. I know that you really go for it at Christmas and it must be a lot of fun in your house. Your Advent calendars sound exciting and fancy still having one from when you were ten. My Mum always had Christmas mugs and jugs which came out on or around December 1st. She baked great fruit cakes too.

    I hadn’t heard of the Sidewalk Prophets but I have now downloaded their Merry Christmas album. It is really really good and I particularly like the track ‘Hey Moon’. My favourite Christmas CD is by American folk singer Jewel. I don’t think she is very well known in the UK but she has a beautiful voice and is a big star in the USA. Sadly, the CD is called ‘Joy, a Holiday Collection’ rather than a Christmas Collection which is what it is.

    Rob xx

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    Rob, ali, Lou

    i love Jewel, just beautiful, and Messiah, beautiful💖💖

    Music for the soul💖💖💖💖

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 163 ✭✭✭


  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,409 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hahahahahaha 😂😂

    Thank goodness you're that woman Margy! I can stop trying now! hahahahaha😂😂😂


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,272 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @Sunshinedaff

    Oh, you two make me smile, and I am pretty sure you ARE both perfect 😍😍🥇🥇😉


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    Morning everyone 🎄

    Another busy week of cooking, baking, painting & making decorations. It’s been very cold & wet, today the sun is supposed to come out so we’ll take Chili to the river for a good run. It’s been snowing up in the Pyrenees, pity we’re not allowed to go there! Hopefully from 15th when lockdown is eased a bit more. Non essential shops are now back open, everyone has invaded the hairdressers it would seem. My hair could actually do with a cut. It’s still v short but needs shaping. I cut Peter’s but i certainly wouldn’t let him cut mine !!

    I’ve never heard of Jewel so I’m going to look her up. There’s so much lovely Christmas music to listen to. I love nothing more than lighting a Christmas spice candle, putting some music on & painting Christmas cards. V soothing. Preferably with the smell of baking coming from the kitchen 🍪 Peter makes the most delicious chic chip cookies but they don’t last long ( I have 1 out of 10 I’d say). He has a sweet tooth ... I made some nice ginger biscuits which are definitely a bit healthier as I cut down on the sugar- still taste nice. The French don’t eat ginger & cinnamon much- good thing we have Lidl for thé lovely German Christmas biscuits & marzipan.

    Time to get up, wonder if Peter’s been out to get croissants 🥐.....

    Happy Advent , Ali xx

    Using pill boxes to make Christmas deco ! Lol ! 🤪

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    @RobertA @Sunshinedaff @Chilali1531

    Hello lovely friends.

    Had a busy day. Planting massed petunias, ironing and wrapping the grandchildrens presents, stocking the wine, a few more Reds and i should be organized 🤣🤣🤣🎅🎅🎅 i didnt have the energy to do the kids and petes presents today.

    I have finished my month of double shifts untill 9pm.....no more of that...ever...

    Ali, i love your decorations. Where do you find the energy ??? You are so cleaver and artistic. As soon as lockdown is over i am sure you will be going straight upto the Pyrenees you lucky duck.

    We have been hit with 40 to 45 degrees....shocking AND THEN today it dropped to 16...OMG i am freezing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Well better go, beau has just found another great movie to watch on a cold sunday afternoon. Slow cooking casseroles in oven...so all organised for a relaxing time💖💖💖💖

    My tree sofar ( and wine 🤣🤣🤣)

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 134 ✭✭✭

    Morning all !

    Love the tree & matching presents Margy - good idea to put them around the base like that, looks lovely. 🎁

    One year we’d put some presents around the tree & our dog Daisy had a field day while we were at work, ripping them open! Only damage she did was with some chocolate coins which were full of teeth marks but she couldn’t quite get at them as they were in some netting ! Quite funny really 🐶

    Yesterday I made a Christmas wreath for the door. On my little walks this past week I’ve been collecting greenery so thought I’d give it a try, never made one before. Not so easy but I’m pleased with the result.

    Gosh, 45 degrees is incredibly hot ! In Toulouse it can hit high 30s sometimes which is stifling as we don’t have a/c - hope you do ! We’re currently having a cold wet week, but November was amazingly sunny & warm so can’t complain.

    Have a nice Sunday everyone. Biscuit baking on the agenda today I think.

    Ali XX

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 320 ✭✭✭✭

    Hello All,

    Sorry haven’t contributed for a while.

    My you have all been busy with your festive preparations!Glad to see you are all keeping your spirits up during this horrible time. I have been reading all your lovely posts and enjoying your festive pictures of trees, wreaths and decorations. You encouraged me to start festivities already. The tree is up and I’ve had two mini mince pies this afternoon already!

    Must go and put dinner on but will be in touch soon, the wanderer returns! 🤣

    Have a lovely evening all.

    love Jackie 🧑‍🎄xxx

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    @Anneb @Sunshinedaff @Chilali1531 @jacksprat_x1

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Oh Ali, you have such wonderful skills. You would be in huge demand in the crafts groups here in Jersey. Your wreath is magnificent, much nicer than the rather expensive one we bought in the local garden centre here. It is a pity you can’t go up to the Pyrenees but best to be safe and hopefully it won’t be too long.

    Wow Margy, you have been busy too and I see that you have lots of pressies and a healthy wine rack. Well you deserve it after all those double shifts. Haha. We would happily settle for 16 degrees - jackets off and a coffee and sandwich in the park. We usually spend a couple of months in southern Spain in the winter months and we smile as the Spanish locals walk by wearing big coats, scarves and mitts whilst we stroll around in shorts and shades. By the way, if you haven’t seen ‘The Good Liar’ with Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen I would recommend it for your next Sunday afternoon film.

    Lovely to hear from you Jackie and your tree looks amazing. Good to see Jasper relaxing by the fire too. I don’t really understand the Tier lockdown systems in the UK but I hope you will be able to see your family, including the grandchildren over the festive season.

    I hope your baking is going well Lou. I absolutely love Christmas cake and Christmas pudding though sadly Mary doesn’t so I have to buy a little cake from M&S and there isn’t any brandy in it. ☹️ Unfortunately, the COVID virus has suddenly taken off here and all of the pubs and restaurants have been closed until at least the second week in January. In addition, as I am classed as vulnerable, I have to stay out of indoor public spaces wherever possible. Sadly, it is all down to just three careless and selfish groups who chose to ignore the advice put out by the local government. It is inconvenient for us, but devastating for local businesses who have already missed out on the Summer season.

    Take care everyone. Chat soon.

    Rob xx

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @Chilali1531 @NanaBubbles @RobertA @jacksprat_x1

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I hope you have had good days. Freezing here today, very white and took a long time to partly defrost, some parts of garden still frozen.

    Lovely to hear from you Jackie, great to see Jasper having prime position by the fire, and your decorations look lovely.

    I hope you will be able to see family over Christmas and not be in the position of deciding who doesn't make the cut!

    There's not many of us, so think we'll be ok unless Boris et al decide on something else.

    Ali, all of your Christmas things look fabulous, you are very talented! How did the biscuit baking go? At the moment I just can't get into baking!

    I don't think we have seen Daisy before have we? I didn't realise you had two bundles of fluff and fur to look after you! 😊.

    Rob, that is not good you have had more restrictions in Jersey announced. Ugh!

    I think over here people are finding ways of getting around the tier restrictions just to do stuff they want to do. To be honest I don't want to go to the shops unless I absolutely have to.

    Over the last few days I have had some lovely things arrive in the post! Very blessed and thankful to have such lovely friends.

    Phoebe and I have commenced the Xmas jigsaw puzzle season, usually it is just me, but this year she has the time to join in. Even Hannah did some for a little while.

    Two down.. loads to go. I am a jigsaw fanatic and have lots that I haven't done yet.

    The only thing I have found is I can no longer get down on the floor to do them. My bones and knees will not allow it!!! I have a puzzle board, but now we balance it on a small table.

    I will add The Good Liar to my list Rob! I am getting through a lot of films and tv series these days.

    Glad you like the Sidewalk Prophets, Hey Moon is one of my favourites too. I must remember to play it in the car next time I go out.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Chat soon.

    Lou 🤗🤗❤️

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    First two jigsaws 😊🎄🍷

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Early Christmas pressies, what a joy! 😊🎄

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 134 ✭✭✭

    Love the jigsaws Lou ! I’ve started my Christmas one but it’s slow-going. No help from Peter- he has the patience of an ant! Ali XX

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Morning Ali!😊

    Haha, yes I get that!

    The first two were small 500 piece, the next one is a 1000, still small really, but it is one I have not managed to complete yet, it is not an easy one! Lol. Already Phoebe has said she's not sure she will be able to cope with it!

    Should be fun😂😂.

    Have a good day,

    Lou xxx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,272 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello everyone.

    ive had a little prob with eyes, nothing much and will write soon. In the meantime

    Love from Rob xx

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