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Hello all, I hope you're keeping safe. Have any of you tried products to save your nails during treatment? Also is it safe to use nail polish. Thank you


  • SazzySazzy Posts: 5

    Hi Mary, I put oil or Vaseline on my nails every night before I go to sleep and make sure I use hand cream every time I wash my hands. I did wear chemical free nail varnish on my toe nails but stopped as nail varnish remover is very drying and also I felt that oil/Vaseline would be more effective without. Hope this helps Sarah x

  • Sezzy66Sezzy66 Posts: 5

    Hi Mary

    i wanted to see what was going on with my nails throughout chemo so I used solar oil and Polybalm. I also used Mane n Tail Hoofmaker hand and nail therapy which is my normal hand cream!

    picture is my nails after 12 cycles x

    Good luck xx

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