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Good afternoon everyone...

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you are having a peaceful weekend wherever you are.

You will have seen we have a new sign in page pop up when coming on to the forum. I hope this all works ok for you all.

A busy day here for us, just finished packing the car for uni drop off tomorrow. There isn't a spare inch anywhere, and we will have to deliver larger items next week! Lol! Had to make a compromise 'Do you think you can manage on two of your six coats you want to take with you? Just for a few days?' Hahaha!😂. Yes I am laughing now, mmmm, not so sure I will be this time tomorrow😥.

It is very warm here this afternoon, it seems summer just doesn't want to give up yet, I for one am very happy about that! 😎

I read in the news today the government may be introducing shielding for certain age groups depending on other factors. I am hoping I will not get a letter in the post! Things just seem to be on the downturn again. Not good news.

Thinking of you all this sunny Sunday, chat soon,

Lou xx


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 715 mod

    Good morning everyone,

    Well that was a week and half in our home!

    Sunday morning, the sun has just come out from behind the clouds, sat with a cup of coffee thinking of things to do today.

    In the garden I think, one of my happy places, haha.

    This week we travelled to Cornwall three times, yesterday being the latest. Another long day. Moving in to uni was not simple, mostly because the accommodation was not finished in being built. Literally. We arrived on Monday and there was nowhere to stay. It was a building site. Crazy. Several phone calls later, and we finally got temporary accommodation normally reserved for teachers. A wonderful one bedroom flat with a balcony, and views over the harbour!!

    This was a godsend, in the circumstances, as the week was fraught with stress and unknowns. Added to which when we unpacked the car we found we had left the key to the roof box at home!! Can you believe it!!!! I had to drive down again on Tuesday to deliver all the clothing, bedding, etc!

    On Friday we had the go ahead to move in properly, her flat was finished. I think the builders had been there way over their allotted time limit. So we left early and drove down to transfer Hannah from the temporary flat into her uni flat. It went well, she has settled, we unpacked everything with her, after cleaning all the builder dust and sand off everywhere. The builders still have a lot of work to do on site, so there will be noise and dirt and workmen around for a while.

    Hopefully now, she will find her feet quickly, and settle into uni life. Good news, she posted some photos from a walk to the beach, and a friend commented on them. Turns out this friend is studying at Falmouth too, we didn't know as hadn't had contact for a while. So there are two others she knows now. This is brilliant news. We have spent a long time setting up support networks for her, as she is vulnerable with a medical condition, so knowing there are a couple of people who she knows will also help her.

    Anyway my rambling is over now, haha, sorry! The cats are all over us, having missed us yesterday, they are so cute.

    Off into the garden, to relax and chill. I hope you all have a great Sunday too.

    Chat soon,

    Lou xx

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 715 mod

    On another note, this week, the 17th, marked the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Five years ago, all is well (well apart from all the post-cancer stuff I know many of you will understand about!). Still here, no cancer, living life the best I can. 😁


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,228 mod
    edited September 2020


    Good afternoon everyone.

    Gosh Lou, I think you must have driven more miles in one week than I manage in a year.

    It is good to hear that Hannah has now moved into her Uni flat and has settled well. It is really great that she has friends in Falmouth as it must be very challenging to make such a big move not knowing anyone.

    Wow, the 17th September 2015 is a date you will always remember. You have been through an awful lot but you are still here, looking after your family and garden, baking cakes and painting. I was diagnosed four years ago come December and it has certainly changed my life. The initial prognosis was not the best, but treatments are now much better and more effective and I am in a good place.

    Apart from the medical advances, I think that Cancer Support groups are more readily available and MacMillan Cancer Support have been a wonderful help to me. MacMillan Jersey like many charities, have suffered financially due to the Covid virus and we are all very busy now doing afternoon teas, walks, runs etc. and other fun ways of raising money to keep things going.

    Mustn't forget to mention LBW where I have met so many lovely, courageous people and enjoyed so many chats.

    Rob xx

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 715 mod


    Hi Rob,

    Hahaha, yes I know, I could now drive it with my eyes closed, every turn, every bend in the road, except I wouldn't of course!😁

    It is much quieter here at home, very strange, I know Phoebe is missing her, and yes hopefully soon we can go visit, covid permitting of course. We have yet to take her car down to her, so at some point that will happen. We have managed to arrange a car parking permit for her at uni as well.

    It is great that since you were diagnosed there have been advances made in treatment and medication that is helping you, the years go quickly don't they? Yes, this month is the Macmillan Coffee morning month isn't it, I am sure they must have seen a downturn in donations due to covid etc. I am not sure how I would go about doing a coffee morning in this environment though. I would like to do something.

    It is almost two years since LBWC forum began, can you believe it, it has gone so fast! I am really grateful and thankful for all the wonderful people I have met here and who have become friends. It is such a positive, friendly, supportive place to be.

    I hope you and Mary have a great day. Not sure what my plans are, it is very wet outside, so gardening, probably not! Does that mean I have to do the hoovering instead?? haha😁

    Chat soon,


    Lou xxx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,228 mod
    edited September 2020


    Hi Lou

    Yes, I imagine that you are all missing Hannah already, but hopefully you will be allowed to visit and take her car down too. I expect that she is looking forward to having it.

    As you know, the covid situation is not a really big issue here and MacMillan Jersey have had coffee mornings at their Oasis centre and at their café in town too. We had some good coverage on Channel TV and BBC Jersey and I am sure the public will respond generously. I certainly did - I bought two slices of Victoria sponge and two pieces of apple pie to bring home in addition to the muffin I had at the centre this morning. 😉MacMillan Jersey needs around £800K per annum and receives no government funding so these events are vital. Together with LBWC, they have given me so much support and friendship.

    Haha, yes, the hoovering. I remember that. ☹️ Let’s hope the a sun shines over the weekend.

    Rob 🤗🤗xx

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