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List of useful resources | Loss of appetite, nausea & eating during treatment

Amber_Thomas_RDNAmber_Thomas_RDN Posts: 43 Cancer Nutrition Specialist

Thank you to those who joined us last week on our LIVE Q&A video chat! I had a great time, and hope you found the session valuable.

Here are the resources I spoke about as part of that session. As always, please join me in the Expert Q&A Hub to ask questions and receive a personalised response from me!

Iron In Food

If your oncology team suggests you eat more foods high in iron due to anemia, here are some ideas of foods to try! If you can tolerate the types of foods high in vitamin C, they can help your body absorb the iron in foods better.


When you don't feel well, ginger is a natural product that can help calm your stomach. But if you find most ginger products too intense, what can you do? I encourage clients to try a product called Tummy Drops! They have super intense ginger flavors for those who love the taste, and less intense flavors made with ginger and other fruits/flavors if you desire less of that ginger flavor. Try the Sweet Blackberry Ginger, or choose another drop low in the intensity scale!


Poor Appetite

It's common for treatment to affect your appetite and make it harder to eat. The strategies listed in this handout may help you make some adjustments to how often and what you choose to eat, to support your strength and nourishment during treatment. 

As always, I encourage you to check out my video library and additional handouts located at the following page for further information on coping with treatment side effects!

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