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Pain in buttock , hip and foot


I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast cancer (invasive lobular carcinoma) in June 2018. I had a lumpectomy, ANC, radiotherapy and am now on letrazole. All seemed to be going well but recently I have developed a lot of joint ache all over but particularly in my hip and foot. My cancer nurse has taken me off letrazole and things have improved slightly in my knees and ankles but the pain in my foot is just as bad. It’s accompanied by numbness. There is also pain in my buttock. The foot and buttock pain was already there before cancer but it’s much worse now. Does anyone else have this? It feels like sciatica but is there a link with breast cancer or cancer treatment? Thank you 😊


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 678 ✭✭✭✭


    Good morning Debs,

    I noted you had also posted on the Oncology discussion with Liz, but I did want to respond as well here.

    I am really sorry to hear you are experiencing so much pain and discomfort now, especially having come through all the treatment.

    I have become aware since I finished treatment for breast cancer that there are many others who also experience bone and joint pain particularly after starting medication. I am one of those people!

    I had chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiotherapy to treat the breast cancer. I became aware that my feet in particular became very painful during chemo. After surgery I had radiotherapy, and I found my bones and feet continued to cause severe pain. I have had Tamoxifen, Letrozole and I am now on Exemestane. My oncologist has been great in supporting me trying to find medication that doesn't have such a debilitating effect on me as well as arranging Dexa scans, xrays etc to check my bones and joints.

    When I first began to experience these things I thought I was the only one, but it was only here and on the LBWC FB page I found there were others. It was good to know it wasn't only me, even if it didn't necessarily change or make things better.

    I have had to adjust to how I do things, I find I have to brace myself before standing up etc. Movement is very slow at times, and I am no longer able to go for walks etc or stand for any length of time as my feet and legs just can't take it. I have found swimming since I finished treatment and fell in love with it, it is the only exercise for me that is low impact. Unfortunately at the moment that is not possible, so I try and potter around the garden or do some P.E with my daughter (very gentle P.E), but it isn't the same as swimming.

    It is difficult feeling as if I have turned into an old woman 'overnight', when I am not! Sometimes all I can do is a shuffle..haha! I do try and keep in my mind though that I no longer have cancer, and I can still do things, albeit in a different way, and perhaps not as I could pre cancer, but I don't have cancer and for that I am very thankful.

    I think it is wise to contact your dr's and get things checked out, in case there is something else contributing to the pain you are experiencing. Also, if it helps take the pain meds, pain itself is very debilitating and can wear you down a lot, it is important to try and get on top of it. (says she who has to remind herself to take them 😁)

    Please keep in touch with how you are doing, there are so many others here in the community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and you will find a lot of support and understanding here.

    Lou x

  • DebsDebs Posts: 4 ✭

    Hi Lou, thank you so much for taking time to answer my post. So sorry to read that you’ve been in so much pain and I know what you mean by feeling like you’ve turned into an old woman when you know you’re not and don’t feel like it in other ways.

    I had a phone consultation with my gp this afternoon and he has referred me for an X-ray on my spine BUT has given me a tentative diagnosis or of something called Morton’s neuroma which may be separate from the aches in my other joints. My feeling is that there a number of things going on which may or may not be linked with my meds.

    I’m feeling a bit more positive but still a little confused as to what exactly Is happening with my body. It remains to be seen what my oncologist will decide with respect to the letrazole. In terms of pain relief he’s offered me a steroid injection. Not sure how they can do that with social distancing measures in place. It will have to be a very long needle! 😱😁......

  • MLTMLT Posts: 1 ✭

    Hello Debs, it was like reading my own journey when I read your post. Sadly I couldn’t stay on the Letrozole as my joint pains were getting too debilitating and after trying Tamoxifen then Letrozole, my Oncologist reassured me that it was ok to stop everything as quality of life was better than quantity!!!!

    I had grade 3 invasive Lobular carcinoma in August 2016. So I’m pleased to say that so far I’m free of cancer. But that fear is always lurking in the back of my mind...I also have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Osteoporosis so all I can do regarding medication is to make sure that I my calcium and Vitamin D, regularly. Take care, Stay positive. I wish you all the best,


  • DesneyJDesneyJ Posts: 1 ✭

    Hi Debs, I’m new to the Forum. The pain you described is quite similar to my diagnosed sciatica that I was challenged with in February and March of this year. I was on AC and taxol for 3rd negative stage 3 breast cancer. My oncologist didn’t think the taxol triggered the Severe sciatic pain. But I think that even though it was a preexisting condition before cancer, I believe thatt it was triggered by the chemo.

    Physical therapy and acupuncture helped me a great deal. I asked my primary physician for a referral. After the PT’s evaluation, I received 3 one hour treatments per week for 3 weeks. After my weekly taxol treatment, an acupuncturist administered the treatment. The acupuncturist did this free of charge. Does your cancer clinic partner with complementary therapeutic treatments/programs? They can help endure the rigorous process of chemotherapy.

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 678 ✭✭✭✭

    @DesneyJ @MLT @Debs

    Good morning to you both,

    I just wanted to welcome you both to the community, thank you so much for sharing parts of your stories with us, and for the helpful advice you have given.

    That is a good idea re the drs referral, it reminded of what was available to me during and after my treatment. Debs it may be worth looking to see if you are eligible for any treatments like this, your hospital may display an ad that cancer patients can get free consultations.

    I hope you are all having a good day, pain and everything else permitting,

    Best wishes,

    Lou x

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