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Toothpaste and body wash

HoddyHoddy Posts: 5

Hello all, I'm new the forum and would love some recommendations if I may? A couple of side effects of my treatment is a very sensitive mouth and dry skin. Can anyone reccomend a mild toothpaste and a fresh smelling shower gel/bodywash.

Thanks a mill


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Hoddy

    Welcome to our friendly community.

    I have no ideas on the sensitive mouth I’m afraid, but I am sure that there are other members who will be able to discuss that with you.

    I have had problems with psoriasis and dry skin in general. A couple of years ago, the dermatologist at my local hospital suggested I use Dermol 500 lotion instead of soap when showering and I have done so ever since. It is an antimicrobial and emollient treatment and I have found it invaluable in preventing dry and/or itchy skin. It does not lather, which I did not like initially, but I got used to it and it has made a big difference for me.

    All the best


  • HoddyHoddy Posts: 5

    Hi Rob

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome.

    I actually have been given Demol 500 for my face so I might give that a try on the rest of me as well. I was just making inquiries as to whether there is a make out there that smells nice as well as works well. Most of the reccommned and/or prescribed washes are usually unperfumed and I was hoping there was at least one brand/make that actually smells nice.

    Thanks again

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Yes, I was advised to avoid perfumed washes so I try to make it up with a dash of eau de toilette, not quite the same but better than nothing.

    Haha, whilst the two metre rule is in place, nobody notices anyway.

    Have a lovely week.


  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Hoddy, welcome to the Community!

    Have you heard of Ozalys? They are a French brand, created by a lady going through breast cancer and they specialise in skin care during treatment. They have a gentle shower gel which has a subtle fragrance to it. They also have a toothpaste especially for sensitive mouth as well which is popular with our community. :)

    This article gives a good overview:

    Defiant Beauty is also good, their range was developed especially to help the skin recover from chemo.

    For sensitive mouth, you might find the following guide useful, it has lots of tips from our community, including toothpaste & mouthwash:

    Hope this helps. Have a lovely afternoon!

    Blanka x

  • riehrieh Posts: 9

    Hi Hoddy

    I too had a sore mouth and throat during my chemo, I couldn't use normal toothpaste as it burned my mouth so my husband brought several children's toothpastes to try and we eventually found one that worked. It didn't leave my mouth feeling quite as fresh as with my usual toothpaste however it was much better from a comfort perspective. I also used Difflam spray for my throat. My oncologist also prescribed me a mouthwash - Caphosol, which I found to be quite helpful; and it didn't burn or sting during use which I find some mouthwashes do. Hope some of this may help or at least give you other options to try. I found the sore mouth and throat to be one of the most difficult side effects to navigate so I empathise. I have dry skin too, my care team suggested I use a basic emollient in the shower; Aqueous Cream or E45 in place of shower gel, it certainly makes my skin less dry. I use Epaderm cream as a moisturiser and occasionally mix it with a little of some fragranced body lotions I have to give me a pleasant 'smell'.

    hope some of this helps

    take care

    Rie x

  • DeniseFuDeniseFu Posts: 2

    Hi Hoddy sorry you are here I was given some mouthwash by the chemo nurse ask and they will prescribe I use sanex sensitive body wash good luck darling xx

  • ShazzlebertShazzlebert Posts: 1

    Hi Hoddy

    I used a sensitive toothpaste and Difflam mouthwash, and also used Aveeno baby wash which smells lovely! Xx

  • VeritercVeriterc Posts: 19

    Hoddy, What you are experiencing is a well-known side effect of cancer treatment, and I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the 'nasties' in our drugs, that kill off cancer cells, also play havoc with our other cells. I used to be a beauty editor, and would suspect that Dermol might be a bit too harsh for facial skin. You might like to look at this website, with lots of information about skincare specially for cancer survivors https://aftercancers.com/category/beauty-skin/

  • HoddyHoddy Posts: 5

    Thanks Veriterc, I'll have a look. Xx

  • HoddyHoddy Posts: 5

    Thank you so much everyone who have offered advise and recommendations. Xx

  • Mog50Mog50 Posts: 3

    Hi, I had problems with the skin on my hands splitting and one of the nurses suggested Aveeno hand cream, which was really good so I also got the body lotion which again is very good. Hope this is helpful. Good luck with finding something that work M

  • Mog50Mog50 Posts: 3

    PS: I also used children’s toothpaste for a while and if you know anyone that sells Arbonne the toothpaste is very good and is free from any additives. M

  • HoddyHoddy Posts: 5

    Thanks so much Mog50. Someone else suggest children's toothpaste so going to look into that. Yes I also get palmerplanta but use Udderly cream and had lavender essential oil into the cream. Works wonders. I also use Aveeno cream, bodywash and shampoo which are all great, I just wanted to know if there were some skin sensitive body washes that had some safe perfume. Getting loads of wonderful advise. Thanks so much. X

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