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TUG procedures

Hi Everyone,

I have had breast cancer twice within three years of each another, and on both occasions I was informed that the cancer was extremely aggressive, also the cancers I’ve had, have been two different types of breast cancer which I’ve been told is quite unusual.

I have seen the genetics team who informed me that whilst I don’t have the BRACA gene, I actually have a mutated gene that means I’m susceptible to my cancer returning (97 %), and I was therefore advised to consider having a double mastectomy and possible reconstruction.

After seeing the plastic surgeons and breast surgeons I was told that my best option would be to have the TUG reconstruction . I had the first of my mastectomies done approx 18 months ago and also have had the reconstruction using the Tug procedure, I was informed that it would take several surgeries and time to accomplish my reconstruction.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the TUG procedure and from start to finish how long it took, and what if any issues you’ve experienced since the reconstruction???


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    Hello, welcome to the community, I hope you are doing well and the recovery process from all your treatment and operations is going ok.

    Although I had breast cancer and a mastectomy, I decided against a reconstruction, and so I am unable to comment about that. I know several ladies here though have had reconstruction and may have had the same as you.

    You mentioned it would take several surgeries to complete the reconstruction, how far along are you now? Have you found the recovery treatment is being delayed due to the current circumstances we are living in?

    I hope you are managing ok during the Covid19 crisis and have everything you need.

    Everyone here is very friendly, hopefully someone else who has been through similar thing will respond soon.

    Sending you very best wishes,

    Lou x

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