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Letrozole and sore feet

NMacNMac Posts: 1

Hi i have been taking Letrozole for coming up 2 years and my joint pain is bad but my feet are really bad i find it hard to walk and wear shoes. I now have osteoporosis and take meds for this. I also take cod liver oil and been referred to a foot specialist. Any other ideas on.how to cope with this. I swim and have tried binding my feet and wearing a foot support.


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 789 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good morning @NMac

    Welcome to the community, it is lovely to have you here.

    I read your post and immediately empathise with you! It seems there are many, many of us who suffer post cancer in this way.

    I am exactly the same.

    I have changed meds three times to see if that helps. Have you asked your oncologist about the possiblity of changing meds? I started on Tamoxifen, changed to Letrozole, and now I am on Exemestane.

    I have been on it since August, and have slowly seen some improvement, but not a lot, as in huge change. I still am unable to stand or walk for any length of time, and still get excruciating pain in my feet and joints. Like you I do a lot of swimming, it is the only exercise that doesn't make it worse!

    I have been referred to orthopedics, a whole raft of tests, scans etc. In the process I did get measured for insoles to put in my shoes. They discovered in this time that I had fractures in my feet too! Nightmare! lol! Unfortunately, apart from those, the dr's couldn't really do anything. I remember one calling it 'global foot pain', lol, I don't think he really had any clue.

    My oncologist has been very supportive, she is concerned that my quality of life is impacted, especially having come through cancer to be left struggling with this. I have learned, and still learning, to adapt to how I do things now. I don't have cancer, which to me is the most important thing, and the frustration of being limited I try and deal with.

    My oncologist recommended I take glucosamine, I struggle to take them due to the size, but a friend suggested chopping them in half, I will try that. I also take magnesium, and of course the Adcal, calcium tablets.

    Pain relief, Amitriptyline, in low dose is used to help nerve pain, my GP prescribed it for me when the lymphodema I also have was at it's worse. I am not taking it any more though. Now I am taking Paracetomol and Ibuprofen. I was taking Co-codomol, but it plays havoc with me, I'd rather not take it.

    Some times I wear a foot support thing, I honestly can't tell if it makes a difference! On that basis, it probably doesn't!😁.

    I am sure there are others here who are experiencing the same as us, hopefully they will get in touch too.

    I hope you are managing during this time, and have all the help and support you need.

    Chat again soon,

    Lou x

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