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Firstly thank you to everyone who connected to and with my question regarding on-line shopping. I hope everyone has now been able to get this issue rectified.

Regarding those of us who are currently undergoing treatment: I know this depends upon the type of treatment but I am already battling to get my treatment as originally planned at my cancer centre. I note that the Government originally stated that all cancer patients would continue to receive their treatment during the current Covid crisis. This is not now proving to be the case. I am campaigning to get answers and will fight this issue. If anyone feels scared or unsure about their ongoing treatment please join this discussion. I will do all I can to offer positive comfort and advice regarding this. This is a sincere, ethical request. I refer to myself who, despite signing a 2 year clinical treatment plan, was told 2 days ago that this could now stop, and I was told, when I asked directly (the associate oncology doctor, not my original Specialist) if my life could now end this year, the answer was yes. This was a telephone conversation, not face to face. I managed to turn my distress into a sheer determination to get the right answers from the right NHS agencies.


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