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Implications of Covid-19 on treatment

MarkusMarkus Posts: 6

Is anyone else worried about the impact on their treatment plans? I have been told that oncologists are having to make very difficult decisions about access to appointments.


  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Markus,

    Welcome to the Community! It's a lovely group, everyone's very supportive here. :)

    Our Oncology Specialist Nurse, @LizzyB73 might be able to give you an answer to this!

    I also just wanted to let you know that we'll be running a free Expert webinar on cancer & the coronavirus next Monday @6pm with Liz, our Oncology Nurse, and Karin, our Emotional Wellbeing Advisor. We'll cover topics like self-isolation, being at risk, staying safe and mental health. You'll be able to listen in and ask questions live (don't worry, you won't need to use your camera or mic.) 😊

    If you're interested, you can find the details here:

    Have a fab weekend & stay safe!

    Blanka x

  • JaxyJaxy Posts: 5

    I’ve just been notified that I won’t be having my scheduled chemo tomorrow. I’m frightened angry and feeling let down. Consultant ringing me Friday

  • LizzyB73LizzyB73 Posts: 112 Oncology Specialist Nurse



    Thanks for getting in touch and I can understand your concern.

    The NHS are doing all they can to keep cancer treatments going for all of those that really need it.

    Some patients may see a delay in their treatment which would usually only be done after a risk / benefit discussion with the oncology team. Pre chemotherapy assessments may now be done over the phone rather than having to make another visit to the clinic.

    Some of my patients have chosen to suspend their chemotherapy for the present time and some of my patients on immunotherapy have had their treatment intervals lengthened so instead of 3 weekly, is now 6 weekly.

    NHS and private providers are working together to ensure that as many patients as possible receive the treatment they need.

    At present there are no chemotherapy drug shortages that we are aware of.

    Stay well and keep safe

    Liz 🌻

    Liz Bradley
    Oncology Specialist Nurse | Oncology Service Manager @ Springfield Hospital
  • LizzyB73LizzyB73 Posts: 112 Oncology Specialist Nurse



    I am sorry that this is the case for you . I do hope that you will get rescheduled for your treatment as soon as possible

    Please join us at 6pm for our webinar if you need further support

    best wishes

    Liz 💕

    Liz Bradley
    Oncology Specialist Nurse | Oncology Service Manager @ Springfield Hospital
  • MarkusMarkus Posts: 6

    I really hope they sort out an alternative appointment for you as soon as possible. 🤞🏻

  • KerryWKerryW Posts: 4


    please let us know what happens. I completely understand how you must feel. 🤗

  • GrazziegGrazzieg Posts: 1

    Hi @Markus and all,

    I'm worry with the impacts; I feel this pandemic is affecting my treatment planning.

    My last appto was in March 16 for to explained what was find about my surgery tissue (I pass fot a mastectomy and know waiting for results of the OncotypeDX test) since that new my appto has been delay 4 times.

    Even I feel well I'll have a lot decisions and treatment to start the "second"part of my treatment is in hold. So, I keep in to believe the time know something that I don't know and try keep me in the save environment as possible - but it isn't ease; the anxiety, wait for infos in this pandemic make everything much hard (if this is possible).

    Hugs for all

  • MarkusMarkus Posts: 6

    I am so sorry that you have to deal with this uncertainty and hope that you are given an appointment very soon.

    I also know a lot of people cannot have much needed surgery at the moment. I understand why, but it’s very difficult to come to terms with the implications.

    It can be hard, but it’s important to stay as positive as you can.

    take good care


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