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[CLOSED] Freebie giveaway - plus your best self-care tips for getting through treatment

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To enter, simply join our Community forum and post your top tip for getting through treatment on this thread!
We'll pick a winner at random on Monday 3rd December. 


  • my top tip for treatment is finding joy in the little things - however hard that may be sometimes.  <3
  • StivesStives Posts: 1
    Try to have something planned for each day, however small, to give you an incentive to get moving x
  • JoJo540JoJo540 Posts: 1
    Before I get out of bed every day I think just for 30 seconds, of all the things I am grateful for. 
  • Ensure that you take care of and a pride in yourself and be as good as you can be 🥰
  • pack up a “just in case” bag with toiletries, treats, drinks, pjs and slippers (I also put my favourite blanket in) and things to do in case you have to go into hospital! I also found mini bags of haribo kept the staff energised on their long shifts! Xxx
  • MarianneMarianne Posts: 1
    Try and stay positive and up beat, talk to friends and family how you feel and believe that you will get better - I fell apart at the seams a couple of weeks ago and my very close friend who I call my angel pep talked me and I felt better
    Ive got a brain tumour and am not allowed to drive but I get out and walk a lot 
    skin is very itchy 
  • Lauralou83Lauralou83 Posts: 1
    Keep pictures (either printed or on your phone) of things and people who make you laugh, smile and help you to remember the positive aspects of life. Whether these are friends, family, scenic imagery or cute puppies :) xx
  • ValleygirlValleygirl Posts: 1
    Surround yourself with good people, avoid negative individuals and above all treat yourself with kindness as you would a good friend.
    I was amazed by the support of people , some I hadn’t even considered good friends, but they certainly are now ! 
  • TalulahTalulah Posts: 1
    I always wear colourful comfy clothes, colour therapy is what I call my brightly coloured hair. If I can’t go out then I watch feel good movies. Try and make myself feel better doing things I love and enjoy my family and friends. On the days when you are so sick to do anything. Keep away from crowds and wear gloves when I’m out so I don’t touch anything that could be harmful.
  • PennyPenny Posts: 2
    There are many side effects with chemo, and here are my personal tips for overcoming them.
    Morning of chemo, I take 1 Omeprazole as this helps prevent the acid reflux caused by the steroids.
    I place Emla cream over my port about 2 hours before I get hooked up as then there will be no pain from the needle - it's magic!  
    I use my cold caps which have allowed my hair to grow back fully, and this allows me a much better quality of life.
    I prepare a lot of food before chemo so that when my energy drops, and I cannot do anything but sleep and watch TV, I have good food to eat.
    Tantum Verde is very effective for mouth sores.
    I find a good TV show to binge watch while I am getting over chemo.
  • Try and keep your (new) life as normal as possible (to your routine, prior to cancer). I find this helps me to get out of bed. I also treat each chemo appointment like a general hospital appointment - this way it doesn't seem so serious. My main tip is to remain positive....keep the fight 
  • LindaLinda Posts: 9
    Keep positive and try and keep away from people that are negative or sympathize with you too much they will bring you down, if you feel like a good cry have one, no shame in this it can relieve tension, talk to those close to you how you feel, it's always good to talk, try and not sit around thinking it will bring you down, keep active and try and find something you enjoy doing, try not to let it take over your life. Good luck everyone,
  • SarahGSarahG Posts: 1
    As hard as some days are try to stay positive and keep smiling.
    talk when you need to. What you do has to be for you and only you.
    Love to everyone x
  • kjj1983kjj1983 Posts: 1
    A positive approach has really carried me through. ‘Let’s do this!!’ has been my motto. It is what it is, so let’s just do it! 
  • MagsrubyMagsruby Posts: 3
    Listen to your body , accept offers of help (however small) ......moisturiser is your best friend during treatment ! 😀 
  • VixieVixie Posts: 2
    I find trying to stay positive helps, talking with friends & family & strangers on forums has been brilliant. Don’t agree to do too much, if you have to cancel plans do. Listen to your body & rest & relax as much as you can. Plan something fun in your good week of chemo ! It’s working for me ! 
  • sagatariansagatarian Posts: 1
    Accept the new you 💖
  • scribblerscribbler Posts: 6
    When you are feeling well, cook up some single serving meals to keep in your freezer for when you are not feeling well or having treatment. They are a nice surprise to find, as well!
  • LindaLinda Posts: 9
    It's hard to accept, but if you do get angry don't bottle it up, I did for some time then all of a sudden, when I was feeling really bad normally 3 days after chemo, legs aching , tired, sore mouth, hair falling out, my husband told me to keep positive, I had a complete melt down, things got thrown around the kitchen, I stormed out and went to my daughter's, she told me I was allowed to have a day feeling sorry for myself then to pull myself together, came back to mine and saw the mess and my poor husband clearing up and we all burst out laughing, that was just what I needed, to let off steam, next time I will throw something outside. I am very lucky I have a supportive family. I hope you all have someone that can support you, but it's not easy.
  • KagsKags Posts: 1
    Don't feel bad if you can't do the things you normally do,eat little and often,eat what you fancy,moisturize ,comfy soft outfits not to tight,bright cheery colour ,look forward not back ,
  • KathYKathY Posts: 2
    I'm elderly and  live alone in a little house which needs better décor but I've got so used to just putting up with it for so long that I've done nothing to improve that or anything else in my life.  As a result I had become depressed and lazy, with nothing much to look forward to.  THE  CANCER DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT HAS JERKED ME AWAKE and now I'm doing everything I can think of to make a new woman of myself.  I treated myself to a bit of new second-hand furniture, nothing expensive, but good quality, and it's cheering to see it as I move about in here.  And I bought some new paint which I can't deal with in my state, but am going to pay a painter to do just one room - again not too expensive.  I bought some bright new bedding as well.  Also, I've started trying to get out on my arthritic legs and meet people.  The unavoidable visits to the hospital were painful but they got me outside regularly and I found I loved chatting with the other women in the waiting room.  We made jokes and the time flew by.  So I'm managing to make some new  friends.  I think finding ways to look ahead helps to put the wretched cancer in the background where it belongs.  Depression isn't good for health.
  • LindaLinda Posts: 9
    Well done Kathy, it's a lot harder for someone on their own, I admire you and agree with you it's not good to get depressed, keep it up.
  • katiebashkatiebash Posts: 1
     staying positive and being good to yourself is the best advice I can give 
  • dconsidinedconsidine Posts: 1
    Go to Bed when you are tired, enjoy the people around you and ask for help when you need it.
  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,446 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @KathY

    Reading your post made my heart smile. It is so wonderful to hear of you making new friends, re-vamping your home (one room at a time), and being determined to live life to its fullest in spite of cancer and its effect on you. Brilliant!. It is a real encouragement to the rest of us. You superstar! Hope you are having a blessed day. x
  • Wow! Thank you so much everyone, we really didn't expect this much helpful advice - it always amazes me how much knowledge and support our community has to offer  <3 

    We put all your names into a hat and the winner of this giveaway is..... @Penny! We'll be in touch to arrange sending you the freebies, Penny - congrats!

    Thanks again to everybody who shared their tips - your responses were so helpful, we've decided to do another freebie giveaway very soon, so stay tuned for the next one!

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I enjoyed reading everyone's tips. They are all great though I have to say that my favourite was @Twicearound with 'eat cake'. I need absolutely no second invitation, especially if it is carrot cake. You would not imagine that carrots and cake go together but they absolutely do. 
    Rob X 
  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,446 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    RobertA said:
    I enjoyed reading everyone's tips. They are all great though I have to say that my favourite was @Twicearound with 'eat cake'. I need absolutely no second invitation, especially if it is carrot cake. You would not imagine that carrots and cake go together but they absolutely do. 
    Rob X 
    Hi Rob,
    I quite agree!
    Everyone has shared some great ideas.
    I agree with you about cake too, although  confess, I can't even claim to have one of my five a day in my cakes! Hahahaha 😂 . 
    Baking is one of my 'things' and in practicing some new recipes for Christmas we've already demolished several. Oink, oink! 😂

    Lou x
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