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Long Distance Support

TodgaAustinTodgaAustin Posts: 1
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I am looking for knowledge and advice to be supportive 2000 miles away.

When I was around six years old my siblings and I were removed from our mother's care. My brother and i went to live with our father and our baby sister went back to live with our mother until she passed.

I didn't know where my sister was for 49 years. Just before Christmas this last year, 2019, we found her!

She lives in Texas and I live in California. We each live in about the middle of our perspective states.

It seems like we had just gotten the DNA tests back to verify and she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

She started her treatments last week.

From what i'm reading one thing everyone seems to have in common is sleeplessness and taking naps when you can. Its seems she does that too. There have been times i have been texting with her and she will suddenly say that she is going to lay down.

This doesn't worry me as much as when she doesn't answer me for days. I know that she deals with depression issues as well stemming from our mom's death and i am very worried about this being added to her plate.

I haven't been able to go see her yet and at first she was going to come to California but things have changed a bit.

I have sent her a message every day for the last few days with no response. I don't want to seem like a worry wart but i'm worried. I want her to know i care but i don't want to crowd her. Is that a better way to say it.

Anyway would just kinda like to get a feel for what she is dealing with .

Thank you


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