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Af21Af21 Posts: 7
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Hi I’m Alison . I have terminal cancer but try and have a laugh . Today I had a Hickman line inserted. As I look down, all I think of, is that I resemble an I phone charger!! Happy Friday! X



  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin


    Hi Alison, just saw this - and it made me smile!! Thank you, I really needed this amidst the current situation going on. Hope you're staying safe xx

  • Trent333Trent333 Posts: 8
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    Hi Alison I’m Gregory. The Doctor told me that he think there’s no hope..i been getting chemotherapy anyway.. And with the grace of God I’m 90% healed.. from my tour being 299 and now 36..is so good that you can smile.Keep smiling.. There is hope for you...If you trust in the Lord.. He will see you through all of this.. Even though all this country is going through.. Just except Jesus Christ as you Lord and savior.. And you can heal you..praying 🙏🏾 For you and Your family through this crisis. And you be blessed🙏🏾❤️✝️

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