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  • No Havant lost my hair,got a tiny bit thinner but hardly noticeable! The chemotherapy they give for bowel cancer doesn't affect your hair I find that amazing! I thought all chemotherapy made your hair fall out but , apparently not! So we are really lucky xx
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Yes I had chemo first but sometimes they give radiotherapy , I had to have chemotherapy because I had the two tumours, one was too near another organ to have the radiotherapy! When they scanned me after the chemo the larger one had responded to the chemo and shrunk but the one lower down hadn't so, they are targeting the…
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • I can't really say in your case but with mine they had to reduce the size of the tumour before surgery, this gives them more chance of getting all the cancer so I had chemotherapy first ,but everyone is different, while you wait you worry that they have forgotten you! That's not the case ,there are teams of medical people…
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Me again, I should imagine you will hear from the hospital pretty quickly for your next appointment, I expect by post to see your oncologist, if you can try and take someone with you, friend or family, you won't be able to take everything in at first its all a blur! But, you will be fine! Dont worry,they are there to help…
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Oh and as Lou said! Keep away from Google! Xx
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Yes you will!👍xxx
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Me again! You will find out how wonderful the nursing staff are! They are absolute Angels! You will come across the odd one! But in general they are brilliant! Nothing is too much and when you go home after your treatments never be worried about contacting them day or night! They will give you all the contact numbers you…
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Hello Tracy yes will definitely keep in touch! I'm not sure about the size of your tumour,I don't know the size of mine, I'm an ostrich! Don't want to know how big mine are too frightened to know! They know this at the hospital, I'm such a wimp don't even want to know how much I weigh now!😂the nurses know this! As long as…
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Hi Tracy, Lesley here, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I too have bowel cancer, and managed to get myself two tumours in there!🙄I'm Half way throughout my treatment! Had chemo first for 4 rounds had a rest now on five weeks of chemo tablets and radiotherapy , then a rest then surgery hopefully to get rid of the devils!…
    in Bowel cancer Comment by Lesley May 2019
  • Lovely! I love chilli! Being really naughty spose to be drinking loads of water! I have tried! Will try better tomorrow! Yes it's so frustrating knowing my daughter is 10 minutes away! Life just keeps on throwing things our way! Never mind ! Enjoy your chilli! Anymore news on your song? and when can we hear it? And has…
  • Just tasted floppy meatballs! Lovely! 😋xx
  • Hello Everyone! IPad charged now! Bit fed up daughter and partner up to see me but both have a virus and frightened to come to the house! They are staying in a hotel 10mins away with the fearsom miniture hound Charlie! I could cry! They are so scared that they are going to pass it onto me with me starting the new treatment…
  • Hello Evertone! Hope you up are all ok! Oh Jackie I didn't know you have been in hospital! I do hopefully you are ok now! I don't know where I've been posting but found you all now! My phone is really up the creek! As i am typing is about 10 secs behind me! So frustrating iPad on charge will post to all you lovely people…
  • Hi Tracy , been reading your posts , you will have so much support here, we are all supporting each other, there are lovely people here! We are your online family ! Good and bad we are here for you! 👍Xx
  • Love the poem Rob! Lesley 😗
  • Oops ! Out again today! Blimey never done so much! Knackered! Hope you all well! Will catch up tomorrow! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Sorry Rob ! Strong men too! Xxx
  • Hello Jackie yes meal was lovely! Thinking of you Friday, we want the chemo but don't at the same time, we absolutely hate it but, it is helping us! We are stuck between a rock and hard place! Bring it on! We can do it!!! Strong Women! 👍👏😊😘
  • Oh! Lou! You know I'm a curry freak! Swap my spag bol for your Madras? Pleeese!😟xxx
  • Yes Rob ! Spag bol at the ready! Xx
  • 😙 loved being with family, but also love being back with friends! 😊xxx
  • Hi Jackie, hope you are ok and bloods will stabilise,Thinking of you! You will be fine! You are made of strong stuff! 😗
  • Hello my lovely peeps! Had a lovely time with family and friends down in Pompey, worn out but happy! Will post tomorrow! Hope you are all ok? Look forward to catching up with you all! Back to couple of Merlot 's and spag bol! Speak to you tomorrow! Missed you!!! Xxx
  • Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is feeling better! I spent 3 hours in A&E yesterday! Fell out the patio door! Wrist came up like an Ostrich egg! And I was sober! By the time they got to see me the swelling had gone down! Thankfully! Felt a bit of a fraud then! Still better to be safe than Sorry! Off to Pompey tomorrow to…
  • I Love the photo! I haven't got any clean jokes! I would have to sit on the naughty step all day if you heard mine!🤣 Happy St Patrick's day to you all too!🍀Xx
  • Hi Jackie, yes chemo bad up to 10 days! All I can say is drink as much fluid as you can, mostly water (flavoured) and lucazade ! Believe me it works just don't keep it in the fridge! Just room temperature!I didn't was so poorly! You have to flush the toxins out! Xx
  • Hello ! This is a wonderful community! Please keep on posting! We are here for you! We are all in the same boat! Different cancers ,but same worries! Lesley xx
  • Oh! That's good! Two naughty ones ! 😀 xx
  • Sorry was that a little too much information, 🙁 Lou and Rob know what I'm like 🙂 xx
  • Tried to take photo of certificate didn't work! Story of my life! Yes my tumour I've got two! Anyway the one they can zap is in the rectum I do hope they are not going to put me in a weird position! 🤐